2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Ethical, Legal, and Political Implications

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   On March 11, 2011, a massive tsunami caused by a 9.0-magnitude megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan devastated coastal communities and triggered a nuclear reactor meltdown. Japan is no stranger to earthquakes (Samuels, 2013). It lies near the Pacific tectonic plate and on the intersection of the Eurasian, Philippine, and North American … Read More»

Tesco’s Entry into China

1.0 Introduction Tesco is the largest UK retailer and it operating their business in the Europe and Asia. In this project it also discussed about Tesco enter to the China market. This project is divided into two parts, which is task 1 and task 2. Task 1 is discussed about the internal and external influences. … Read More»

Ackerman’s Neoliberal Argument on the Causes of Corruption

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Critically evaluate the following statement by Susan Rose-Ackerman (1996):   ‘The level of corruption is a function of the honesty and integrity of both public officials and private individuals. With these factors held constant, the size and incidence of bribe payments are determined by the overall level of benefits available, the riskiness of … Read More»

A company operating

A multinational sometimes known as transnational, is a company operating out of its origin country which involves one or more countries. Multinational corporations growth in alliances, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, but this will cause consumers to recognize the brand, rather the parent company. Shell, Caltex, ExxonMobil, Nokia, McDonalds, Toyota, Nestle, Sony, Microsoft corporations … Read More»

A Comparative Analysis of the Secessions of Iceland and Norway

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   The nature of secessions and the measure of their eventual success is heavily dependent on context and the political climate from which they emerge. Academics such as J. R. Wood have developed the study of secessions into a complex set of theories and frameworks through which this political phenomenon may be explained, and … Read More»

Analysis of Brotherton’s Theories of Hospitality

Introduction: Brotherton Brotherton investigates the issues lying at the depth of what professional scholars and experts convey; it is indirectly addressed to being good neighbours and its administration. It basically audits the definitions and points of view on these basic issues referred in the modern day accommodation, a clear perspective of what “accommodation handling” potrays. … Read More»

Analysis of Education in Senegal

Introduction The country Senegal or formally known as the Republic of Senegal is located in the western part of Africa. The people residing in Senegal are known as the Senegalese. Dakar is the capital city of Senegal and it is surrounded by countries like Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau and is also connected with the … Read More»

Analysis of Indonesia’s GDP and Food Production Industry

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   FOOD PRODUCTION: QUESTIONING DEVELOPMENT Tea plantation in Indonesia gives the strength to the country’s capita. As Indonesia is a developing country, the farmer’s family does not have sufficient nutrition for their family so the life expectancy and income is low. Moreover, the tea export to foreign countries can increase the income of Indonesia, … Read More»

Analysis of Uganda’s Decentralization Programme

Choose a particular development policy or intervention in Uganda that you have touched upon during your pathway lecutorials and discuss what are the key factors that will determine whether this policy or intervention will successfully achieve its development aims? You should draw on the relevant theoretical and country-specific literature to construct your argument. Introduction Since … Read More»

Analysis of Ti Tonic

Submitted by : Anubhav Singh      INTRODUCTION Ti-Tonics are propelled mixes of characteristic tea concentrates, fiber and plant polyphenols, intended to extinguish your thirst and sustain your body. Polyphenols are nature’s most intense cancer prevention agents and protectants. It’s one of its kind products in the world in which the ingredients come from the … Read More»

The Andean Community of Nations

The Andean Community of Nations History The history of the Andean Community of Nations started on the 26th of May 1969, when Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru signed the Cartagena Agreement. This was the launch of the Andean Integration process and was also known as the Andean Pact, (Andean Community of Nations, a brief … Read More»

Annotated Bibliography: Should Korea be Unified?

Working Thesis: Korean should not unify to reduce the challenges of costliness and complexity. Lee, Ji-Young, 3. “5 Things to Know about North and South Korea.” The Conservation, Credo Reference, 7 May 2017, search.credoreference.com/content/entry/conversqauq/5_things_to_know_about_north_and_south_korea/0. Accessed 31 Oct. 2018. This informational article was updated on July 5, 2017, by Ji Young Lee, who is an Assistant Professor … Read More»

Application of Responsibility to Protect in Syria

The Start of Syrian Uprising It began in 2011 when a group of boys sprayed anti-government graffiti’s on their school wall in Deraa, Syria. Over half a million people have been killed in Syria since the start of the war. When the local authorities saw the graffiti, they rounded up the young boys along with … Read More»

Applications of Ushahidi

Introduction: The swift progress of the world trade and the truly dynamic exchange of many goods and services on a yearly basis illustrates the greatest growth dynamism. Moreover, Globalisation is seen as two opportunities whereby are retrieved by the consequence of the revolution of information and communication technologies. The two opportunities are educating through knowledge … Read More»

Banking system and the types of banks in russia

BANKING SYSTEM AND THE TYPES OF BANKS IN RUSSIA Russia’s Banking System has developed from a Soviet period to a two tier system and it still continues to develop rapidly in the recent years. The two tier system, however, is made up of (i) The Central Bank and (ii) The Commercial banks. Get Help With … Read More»

Beyond Borders: Stories of Yunnanese Chinese Migrants of Burma (Book Review)

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Chang, W. (2015). Beyond borders: Stories of Yunnanese Chinese migrants of Burma. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. There has been a recent increase in the demand for literature studying ethnic Chinese societies in different host countries. In response to this call for research, Dr. Wen-Chin Chang explores the lived experiences of Yunnanese Chinese Migrants of … Read More»

Bribery in international

BRIBERY IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Bribery in international markets is a fact of life that can lead to astonishment, bewilderment and misunderstanding for expatriates, at both organizational and personal levels. This article examines bribery from two viewpoints and tries to develop procedures to bridge them. The first viewpoint is relativist, accepting that different cultures have different … Read More»

Business Analytics and China’s Social Credit System

Business Analytics and China’s Social Credit System Business Analytics is one of the fastest growing markets in the world; businesses are constantly expanding their digital usage and are capable of accurately measuring aspects of operations in real-time. Collecting large amounts of data gives thousands of companies the ability to gather customer demographics and preferences used … Read More»

Business health check in hospitality industry

1.0 Introduction 1.1 Aim of the assignment This report is all about business health check in hospitality industry and finding the gaps of the organisation. After finding the gaps giving the appropriate recommendation and giving the action plan as well as time spam. After that how much it will cost to your organisation to implement … Read More»

Caliphate in the Middle East: The Rise of ISIS

Caliphate in the Middle East: The Rise of ISIS As non-state actors begin to rise into the international system, terrorism becomes more intertwined under the umbrella of “conflict”. Terrorism is a level up radicalization, as non-state actors use violence against innocent civilians and the government in order to achieve a political goal. In Iraq and … Read More»

Canada’s Climate Change Policy and Foreign Policy

Amid recent contentious events regarding deforestation and climate change in various parts of the world, Canada has asserted that they are back on the world stage as a world leader on climate change. It is therefore fair to conclude that they now bear the international responsibility for acting in an unwavering and effective manner in … Read More»

Case Studies of GSK

Chapter 10 CASE STUDY 1 (GSK) Observations GSK has pursued a greenfield venture as its entry strategy in Singapore. The firm has decided to spend 190 million to build a new plant. The reasons stated for its choice of Singapore are availability of highly educated employees, sound economy and provision of government incentives. GSK plans … Read More»

Causes and Solutions for Global Poverty

In this paper, we will propose solutions to reduce poverty all around the world. Understanding where poverty rooted from and how it has grown over time, will give us a since of understanding who poverty effects and how we can reduce it. Knowing how much of a role the government and private intuitions play in … Read More»

Causes of Japan’s Declining Birth Rates

What are the causes behind the declining birth rate of Japan and how has it impacted the functionality of its society? Japan is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean within the continent of East Asia, which is divided into 47 prefectures in 8 regions[1]. Japan’s population as of 2018 is approximately 127 million, … Read More»

Challenges and Techniques of the Oil Industry

The Oil Sand Energy availability and economic progress go hand in hand. It is not possible to achieve economic progress in the absence of cheap, reliable energy availability. The use of energy on the part of society has increased systematically over the past two centuries, since the time of the industrial revolution. And there is … Read More»

Characteristics of a Modern Nation State

Describing the characteristics of modern nation-state by giving describing Nation, State & Nation-state The nation is a culture group residing within the territory of the political state. A group of people are considered a nation if (1) they are permanent residents of a defined territory, (2) they exhibit some form of government, (3) they have … Read More»

Child Soldiers: History and Strategies for Prevention

Child soldiers Childhood is seen by some as a predominately a western social concept and an idea that has been questioned for a long time, (Norozi, and Moen, 2016)  what is normal to one society may not be normal to other geographical areas or cultural backgrounds, however it has been deemed unlawful for the recruitment … Read More»

Chocolate Brand Expansion into India

Submitted by: Sanjay Sharma  Whittaker’s is a New Zealand based chocolate company, owned and operated by Whittaker’s family since 1896. This chocolate brand is one of the most popular and trustworthy brand in the country, all the products are made in their own factory located in Wellington. The company exports its chocolate products to countries … Read More»

Comparison of Canada and Europe

16th February 2017 Group Members: Dharti Gandhi Sanam Akbar Ahamed Jifin Shahsad Brief of Canada and European Country Introduction Canada is the world’s second-largest country in terms of Trade. Economic and political relation between Canada and Europe started from 1950s. Europe and Canada have similar culture and comparable forms of government. Canada and Europe speaks similar … Read More»

Comparison of Forced Migration and Voluntary Migration

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Forced migration vs. voluntary migration Forced Migration:   –          The Mixing Room Exhibition: Afghans Flee the Taliban takeover. Factors contributing to departure from Afghanistan:   “For the majority of people in war-torn countries, the reality is that life is indeed nasty, brutish and short.”[1] States Abbas Nazaari.[2] Iran and Pakistan stopped registering new Afghan refugees in … Read More»

Comparison of Politics in Nigeria and Norway

Although Nigeria gained independence from colonisation in 1960, since then it has been overwhelmed by a crisis of underdevelopment. Despite having vast wealth from oil exploration, mining, and other natural resources, there have been no signs of recent social or economic development. Scholars have argued that the increase in political violence and the recent violent … Read More»

Concessions of Multinational Mining Companies in Ghana

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Dealing with Galamsey and Small-scale Mining on Concessions of Multinational Mining Companies in Ghana: “a Compromise or Confrontation” About This Study This paper tries to look at the composition of Ghana’s mining industry which is made up of two sectors which are the galamsey and small-scale mining and the Large-Scale mining sectors. In … Read More»

Consequences of Globalization on Society and the Economy

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Globalization is a phenomenon that has taken over the world. New advances are being made to service the growing population. This has been a major adjustment to economic, political, and cultural areas in the world since the 1960s and 1970s; such issues include the rise of governing bodies to regulate political conflicts, world … Read More»

Construction of Shingkhar-Gorgan Road in Eastern Bhutan

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Construction of Shingkhar-Gorgan Road in Eastern Bhutan  Construction of Shingkhar-Gorgan Road in Eastern Bhutan (A case study on the problem of dirty hands in politics) Executive Summary Bhutan became constitutional democracy in July 2008 almost after a century rule by the monarch since 1907. It was during their political campaign; the party began … Read More»

Container Shipping Industry

Outline the evolution of the structure in the container shipping industry and discuss the extent to which the structural changes are explained by increasing size of ships entering Introduction In the past especially in the last twenty years international container shipping industry and the related trade has been increasing at a tremendous rate. The period … Read More»

Corporate Governance Systems in BRIC Economies to Encourage Foreign Investment

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Which of the BRIC economies has the corporate-governance system that is most likely to encourage foreign investment? Corporate governance, since the 1998 Asian financial crisis, has recently become a mainstream and scholarly concern with relation to the importance of the economic development and well-being of emerging economies. It is generally regarded by academics … Read More»

Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study: Sainsburys

Introduction The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility means that organization have moral, ethical, and generous responsibility in addition to their responsibility to earn a fear return to investors and comply with law. CSR is a concept whereby organizations is consider the interest of society by taking the responsibility for the impact of their activities on … Read More»

Corruption in Myanmar

Myanmar is corrupted in every way possible because of several leading factors. As it was under military dictatorship for half a century, various dictator controlled and shaped the country’s economy and politics to benefit them. Corruption in Myanmar is a very serious problem as it is in many other countries. Many foreign entrepreneurs believe that … Read More»

Corruption in Peru Over Time and the Peruvian Oppressive Structure

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Introduction   Peru is a country with an estimated amount of 32.17 million people, near Bolivia and Ecuador.[1] Its beautiful beaches and a historic temple dating back to the Inca Empire from 1438-1532.[2] Seeing the population with 32.17 million to see that 46% of the population are indigenous with no education, poor homes, and no … Read More»

Country Analysis of India

Country Country Analysis of India India is a diverse country that includes an assortment of cultures, religions, races and languages. Coupled with its historical continuity dating back thousands of years. To date, their cultural heritage and social structure remains intact. Communication with others is based on respect for history. Understanding the rich traditions is essential … Read More»

Country Profile of Israel: Politics, Legal Structure and CSO Funding

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   SUMMARY: Established in 1948 as a socialist state, Israel was created as a home for the diasporic Jewish community following WWII. Today, it functions parliamentary democracy. Although Israel does not have an official constitution, a series of Basic Laws were passed, many of which function to protect “human dignity and liberty”. Get Help … Read More»

Creation of Transnational Communities from International Migration

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Whilst social scientists had been long ‘constrained by the closed models of “structural functionalism”’ ( Radcliffe Brown 1952) and ‘social system’, the static nature of these models only permitted them to treat each society ‘as a discrete and bounded entity with its own separate economy, culture, and historical trajectory’(Glick Schiller, Basch, and Szanton-Blanc … Read More»

Cultural and Geographic Demographics of Mali

Mali: Phase Three Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is almost twice the size of Texas with very diverse terrain and culture. During the Scramble for Africa, France gained control of the territory and named it French Sudan. It wasn’t until September 1960 that they gained their independence and became The Republic … Read More»

Cultural Demographics of Croatia

Croatia: Training packet   Abstract This packet is to inform employees moving to Croatia and what they are to expect when moving into an international country. This packet will provide the employee the history of the culture and will also give a basic understanding of the customs and the values the country holds. It will … Read More»

Current phase of economic growth in singapore nitin raj

CURRENT PHASE OF ECONOMIC GROWTH IN SINGAPORE NITIN RAJ Introduction The international economy has experienced fundamental changes during last two or so decades. Economic activity is becoming not only more internationalised but also meaningfully, it is becoming globalised in a world of complexity, interconnectedness and mobility. Today we live in a rapidly changing and increasing … Read More»

Current Situation in Bangladesh in Terms of ‘Women’s Empowerment’

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Ccurrent situation in Bangladesh in terms of ‘women’s empowerment’ Bangladeshi women are at a disadvantage as they face barriers in all aspects of their lives. The disadvantage is noticeable, for example, in terms of medical services, economic opportunities, political participation and property management. At present, various programs are being implemented in Bangladesh for … Read More»

Czech Republic EU

Czech Republic is strategically located at the center of Europe. After the fall of Soviet Union and the end of communism in Czech republic after the velvet revolution there was a considerable growth in the field of economic and industrial area. When the Czech Republic joined into EU and CEC it attracted a lot of … Read More»

Dehumanization and Criminalization of the Undocumented Worker in the US

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses … Unless They are From Mexico”    The Dehumanization and Criminalization of the Undocumented Worker in the Land of Liberty   Abstract “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the … Read More»

Development of Human Rights in the United Nations

The United Nations came together and began to compile a list of what they considered to be a right to every human, no matter their nationality. These rights are an outline that was created in hopes of providing a basic level of decent existence to each person. In order to be applicable to every person … Read More»

Development of Structural Transformation in Myanmar

Introduction Dubbed one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is an interesting case study for analyzing the extent of structural transformation in the region. Having being setback by decades of military rule and civil unrest, Myanmar’s path to economic development has been a challenging one. Before and … Read More»

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