A Brief Analysis of Organizational Theories

A Brief Analysis of Organizational Theories Abstract The purpose of this paper is to will analyze four organizational theory contributions and evaluate their impact on present and past work structure and behavior. Based on all four organizational theory contributions, the author will select and reason the most influential among the theories by using personal, historical … Read More»

A Brief Analysis of Organizational Theories

A Brief Analysis of Organizational Theories Abstract The purpose of this paper is to will analyze four organizational theory contributions and evaluate their impact on present and past work structure and behavior. Based on all four organizational theory contributions, the author will select and reason the most influential among the theories by using personal, historical … Read More»

Actioning Strategic Change and Innovation: Creating public Value

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Picture: simple example of the creation of public value (public park+bank+table+water fountain+public parking) (7) Introduction   To write this assignment I took inspiration from the workday events that ignite my emotions and fuel my motivation (6). The concept that I used as the final aim of my project was the creation of Public … Read More»

Adoption of New Technology using Rogers’ Theory

Adoption of New Technology using Rogers’ Theory According to Rodgers theory of Diffusion (2003) during a major change instead of focusing on persuading individuals to change, we should see change as being primarily about the evolution of products or behaviors that better fit the needs of individuals and groups. The purpose of this paper is … Read More»

Analysis of Professional and Ethical Behaviour in Business

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Task 1: Analysis of three professional behaviors Professional behavior is one of the effective forms of etiquettes in which Sky TV NZ Ltd. can link their courteous conduct according to the workplace. The formal code of professional conduct influences social and cultural appropriateness. The analyses of professional behaviors are as follows: ●       Communication Effective … Read More»

Analysis of the Creation of a New Centre with Sports and Arts Activities

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp       Executive Summary      This report is based on the creation of a new Sport for All Centres, a project led by Pamela Roberts (Director of the centre). The objective is to investigate the facilities and services necessary to create a new centre, planning different actions to carry out this study. … Read More»

Applying Team Behavior

Applying Team Behavior Theory The organization that was chosen is Magna America located in Plymouth. Michigan. This company is an automotive production plant that makes the headlamps and taillights for various General Motors’ automobiles. Magna gets their materials from various auto and electronic suppliers. These vehicle lights are created and assembled in-house on an assembly … Read More»

Authority-responsibility relationships

Modern organizations are constantly trying to incorporate a humanistic approach in order to keep their employees happy. Organizational behavior is greatly affected by changes that occur inside the company. One that is seen as most important is that of the changes in organizational structures. The old way of doing things with bureaucratic models have given … Read More»

The beer industry: Literature and definitions

Background and objective of the topic The beer industry has been around for many centuries and has always impacted national economies. Countries, such as the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US), have had a capricious relationship with the beer industry over the last few centuries. Indeed, these countries see the benefit for the … Read More»

Benefits of Having a Shared Mission and Vision

Destiny found in Shared Vision There is a manuscript, a set of scrolls that date back to the beginning of time that states two invaluable teleological leadership lessons regarding shared vision. King Solomon summarized it simply in Proverbs 29:18 without vision people parish, and in the late 7th century BC, Habakkuk (2:2) states, write the vision … Read More»

Benefits of Interorganizational Relationships

Definition: An interorganizational relationship is when two companies decide to do business with either. They do this to produce better product or provide better customer service a relationship. The major multinational companies also do this to set themselves on a higher standard and to stand out from others. Summary: This Journal article talk about how organizations team up … Read More»

Benefits of Mentor Guidance for Engineering Professionals

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   At the start of the academic year, presenters from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers [IMechE] and Royal Aeronautical Engineering Society [RAeS] visited the University and explained how their organisations can help graduate engineers become registered with the Engineering Council UK. One of the services they offer is putting the graduate in contact with … Read More»

Benefits of Third Sector Organisations

Third Sector Organisations: Introduction Thirdx sectorx organisationsx isx a termx usedx to describex organisationsx that are neitherx publicx sectorx nor privatex sector. It includesx voluntaryx and communityx organisations. Somex examplesx canx be bothx registered charitiesx and otherx organisationsx such asx associations, self-helpx groups andx communityx groups, socialx enterprises, mutualx andx co-operatives. The growth of a third party … Read More»

Bureaucratic organization

2.1.0 Developing change process using a change models Unfreezing ) Movement ) Refreezing 2.2.0 Stakeholder Involvement in Change Process:- Customers Employees Owner/operators Suppliers Share holders Local communities Managing Change is a structured approach to Individuals, Team and Organizations from a current state to a desired future state. Introduction is a British-based international grocery and general … Read More»

Carlotz Organizational Case Study

Introduction to Carlotz Case Study We had the unique opportunity to conduct an organizational assessment with Carlotz, a used car dealership that utilizes an “innovative approach [that] helps sellers get what their car is worth. . .and our buyers pay below traditional dealership prices” (carlotz.com). Carlotz is not the traditionally structured car dealership; they specialize … Read More»

Centralization and Decentralization in Organizational Structure

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   2 Introduction Organizational structure is the way in which an organization arranges its employees. This enables tasks and targets to be met. When a company is smaller, a detailed multi-layer structure may not be needed, but in some larger organization decisions must be made about the assignment of multiple tasks.  Procedures are put … Read More»

Change in Organisations: Triggers, Leadership and Resistance

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Table of Contents: Introduction: Triggers to change: Internal Factors: External Factors: Leadership in change operations: Resistance to change: Dealing with resistance: Communicating change: Conclusion: Bibliography: Introduction: Change within an organisation is often inevitable. In order to continue growing as a company they must be everchanging. An organisation must be open and willing to … Read More»

Changes in Organisations Due to Industry 4.0

Table of Contents Introduction and Background Aim of the Study Objectives of the Study Literature Review Importance of Industry 4.0 Factors of Change Management Communication Apt Strategies Motivation Consultation Theoretical Framework Lewin’s Change Model: Unfreeze Change Refreeze Bridges’ Transition Model Case Study of PwC Analysis of Case Study Discussion and Critical Reflection Science Fiction Story … Read More»

Changing the Culture of British Airways

How was the accompanying reading, “Re-Energizing the Mature Organization,” germane to the case on British Airways? A mature organization tends to formulate various effective strategies to enhance and maintain organizational developments and productivity both in the long run and in the short run. Mature organizations also ought to establish various conducive environments for organizational transformation … Read More»

Charity PESTEL Analysis and Recommendations

Dhreima Qatar The Volunteering in the Community Dhreima is one of the charities in Qatar. It’s considered the best family of the orphans and the ideal environment for the children who are suffering from poverty in Qatar. Charity is the concept of giving. It makes the person who follows charity feels the suffering and hopelessness … Read More»

Climate for Creativity in Organizations

Climate for Creativity in Organizations Scenario I. Informal Breakfast Discussion The two positive attributes of workplace environment in this scenario are team building and brainstorming sessions. Each of these attributes has a direct role in impacting the success of the firm. According to Half (2017), organizations that create a culture of team building enhance creativity … Read More»

Code of Conduct at National Australia Bank

Introduction National Australia Bank is one of the four leading banks in Australia. In 2019, Royal Bank Commission report found it to be the single biggest looser and highlighted “fee for no service scandal” as the most regrettable business service provided among others in the recent banking history (Thomson, 2019). This assignment would draft a … Read More»

Collaboration at Workplace: Importance and Advantages

INTRODUTION When two individuals collaborate with each other and starts to share their thoughts and opinion to accomplish a mutual target, then that’s called Coordination. It is essentially collaboration seized to a shared objective. Cooperation is frequently seen as a corporeal blending of two or more individuals to accomplish a goal. Along the advancement and … Read More»

Communications in a Business Environment

1.1 Analyse the communication needs of internal and external stakeholders Internal stakeholders are individuals within a company, i.e. employees, managers, directors, investors; alternatively, external stakeholders are those that are outside of but care/benefit from the performance of the company, i.e. consumers, regulators, investors, suppliers, etc. The communications of these groups differ and have different objectives; … Read More»

Company Strategy to Employee Retention

Laboratory Corporation of America The most prevalent strategy is to match the prices paid by rivals, given the option of matching, leading, or lagging. Historically, mangers justify this strategy by stating that inability to match the prices of rivals would cause the current staff to murmur and restrict the recruitment capacity of the organization. In … Read More»

Comparison of English Heritage and the National Trust

TABLE OF CONTENTS PURPOSE OF THE REPORT___________________________________________________________ DETAILS OF SOURCES________________________________________________________________ FINDINGS____________________________________________________________________________ History – English Heritage_____________________________________________________________ History – The National Trust___________________________________________________________ Mission Statements__________________________________________________________________ Membership Costs___________________________________________________________________ Membership Benefits_________________________________________________________________ Marketing – English Heritage___________________________________________________________ English Heritage in the Press__________________________________________________________ Marketing – National Trust_____________________________________________________________ National Trust in the Press____________________________________________________________ Merchandise – English Heritage________________________________________________________ Merchandise – National Trust__________________________________________________________ Questionnaire_______________________________________________________________________ Charities Commission________________________________________________________________ … Read More»

Concept Of Motivation

This essay discusses the concept of motivation and its implications for the organisations. The author defines the theory of motivation and then reviews some of the theories (i.e. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, Expectancy Theory, McGregors Theory X and Y, Hertzbergs Two-Factor Theory) that are significant to understand the human behaviour in the organisations. Further the … Read More»

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Discrimination in employment refers to the unjust or prejudicial treatment of individuals, through employment rules or through differences in the conditions of employment, based on one or more of their personal characteristics (Black, J et al , 2019). Many years ago, the act of discrimination was quite prevalent. People were discriminated … Read More»

Cross-Cultural Communication: Applying Concepts to Service Learning

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Introduction What started out as a required class for graduation, Culture and Health 1025 uncovered many different facets of my volunteering at Aurora Medical Center Summit. In the past five years of filling in the shoes of many different volunteer roles at AMC, including a lobby ambassador, physical therapy, post-surgical and post-anesthesia, clinic, … Read More»

Cultural Awareness at Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc

Introduction Eastern Industrial Supplies, INC is a South Carolina based company that specializes in the distribution of pipes, valves, fittings, and commercial plumbing products. The company began operating in Greenville, SC in 1980 and “focused on exceeding customer expectations through God-honoring values of honesty, integrity, caring, self-responsibility and being positive” Eastern Cares. (n.d.). Retrieved from … Read More»

Cultural Evaluation to Develop Business

   CULTURAL CHANGE AND TEAMWORK INTRODUCTION Based on an in-depth overview of the case study, this essay critically analyses and underpins the Smartbuild case and further evaluates other aspects of the management principles such teamwork and organisational culture and suggests changes required to develop the business. Cultural evaluation tools and typologies are discussed to evaluate Smartbuild’s … Read More»

Culture and Structure of Nonprofit Organisation

Signature Assignment Organization Design Paper Turning Point of Central California Incorporation (Inc.) is a nonprofit organization that provides a full-service partnership with the communities from direct and referral services. The organization helps people, ages from sixteen through twenty-six years old, to become mentally stable and independent. They provide services in mental health, medication education, therapy, and intervention.  … Read More»

Culture of Research and Development Departments

Introduction Over the past decades, companies have been organizing employees and processes under different functional areas. A firm can decide on how many functional areas it needs depending on its size and the complexity of operations. Typically, R&D, production, marketing, and finance departments are evident in any organization. The four functional areas have primary roles … Read More»

Definition of learning organization culture

Introduction A learning organization is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights. Ajay Agarwal adds learning in an organization means the continuous testing of experience, and the transformation of that experience into knowledge- accessible to the whole organization, and relevant to its … Read More»

Definitions and Typologies of Organizational Culture

Organizational culture: What is Organizational Culture; it is just the way we do things around in an organisation. Every organisation does things in their own distinctive way. For example, the way they organise themselves, the working environment office lay out, the uniform, how they recruit, how they talk, how they give training, how they deal with … Read More»

Deming’s Principles, Lean Thinking and Cultural Change

Introduction This report is based on the poster presentation on William Edward Deming’s 14 philosophies and his contribution to the lean practices. It also describes the lean thinking that helps to change the culture of the organisation. Furthermore, for the changes in the organisation this report also focuses on the concept of the organisational readiness … Read More»

Departments in organisations

The infrastructure of an organisation can vary greatly depending on its size; the larger the organisation, the greater the need for specialisation within it infrastructure. Departments will also vary depending upon the role of the business in regards to the day to day operations of the company. Get Help With Your Essay If you need … Read More»

Developing a Culture of Learning and Development in the Workplace

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Week Five Assignment: Training and Development In Week Five, we explored the elements that usually make up a learning organization and how this concept allows for a culture of ongoing learning and development, instead of only focusing on these aspects of organizational development during pre-set training periods. The Sprouts video on the topic … Read More»

Developing an Innovative Organizational Culture

Introduction In academia, publish or perish is a common phrase. The business world has a similar phrase – innovate or become like BlackBerry Limited (perish).  Organizations are competing in markets filled with uncertainty, complexity, constant changes, and globalization (Leal-Rodríguez, Albort-Morant, & Martelo-Landroguez, 2017). Innovation allows them to create and/or maintain competitive advantages that will allow … Read More»

Developing Diversity in the Idaho Central Credit Union

Abstract This paper explores the efforts of Idaho Central Credit Union to foster and encourage diversity, as well as some of the practices used in daily business and hiring. It describes some of my experiences working at the credit union and the application of principles found in the assigned reading for this week. Idaho Central … Read More»

Developing Values and Ethics at Lockheed Martin

Evaluating things after reading Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue at an American Corporation naturally you would think when running a business trust would be put in the employees assuming that they would work in a moral way.  Lockheed Martin currently in 2019 has 105,000 employees and the mission statement is “Your mission is Ours”. There … Read More»

Development a Culture of Innovation and Entreprenueral Spirit

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Developing a Plan to Spur a Culture of Innovation and Promote an Entrepreneurial Spirit In today’s market, businesses are always in competition with one another. Each company has the same product but with minor variations. What makes a consumer pick one over another? There are different answers to justify why picking one product … Read More»

Development and Importance of Business Code of Ethics

There are many regulations and polices in place that set the minimum standards for ethical business behavior. Unfortunately, businesses still partake in unethical behaviors. Unethical behavior in a business can have many effects on the organization. Over the years, there have been several business scandals that have tarnished the credulity of their business. As a … Read More»

Development and Importance of the Organizational Culture

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   When coming into or starting an organization, many things need to be decided upon for that organization. The organization’s mission statement, its business plan, and its structure are a few of the many things that need to be decided for that organization. One element that is extremely important to establish within an organization … Read More»

Development of Customer Focused Experience

1. UNDERSTAND HOW ESTABLISHING THE FACTS ENABLE YOU TO CREATE A CUSTOMER FOCUSED EXPERIENCE AND APPROPRIATE RESPONSE. 1.1  What is meant by a customer focused experience?   Customer focus is the orientation of an organisation towards fulfilling their client’s needs. This means a business should know that having customer focus will contribute largely to the overall … Read More»

Development of Professionalism in the Workplace

Introduction When you think of a professional work place what do you picture? Is it the representation of the employees there? The building and the company within it? Yes to all. A big part of professionalism within the work place starts with its employees’ and how they represent that employer. That is the big take … Read More»

Development of Training Program for Organisation

Assignment Four: Training Module Introduction This committee has been tasked with revamping our agency’s initial training program for new employees. The Onboarding program as it is currently known is used to introduce new employees to the organization’s goals, mission, policies and procedures. This program has been in use for the past fifteen years and has … Read More»

Dimensions of Organisational Misbehaviour

Critically discuss the dimensions where organisational misbehaviour is rooted. Use relevant academic references and organisational examples to illustrate. Whilst the subject of organisational behaviour has been widely studied, as a method for improving the performance of organisations and improving the level of managerial control, organisational misbehaviour has received considerably less attention. Indeed, Ambrose et al … Read More»

Disciplinary procedures

Introduction: Discipline is the essential part of any organization. A disciplinary procedure is sometimes the best way for your employer to tell you when something is wrong. It allows them to explain clearly what improvement is needed and should give you an opportunity to put your side of the situation. The discipline policy is depending … Read More»

Distinctive resources

10.The internal environment of the firm:doesyour firm haveany distinctive strategic resource/assets?HOW/WHY? According to Johnson et al (2008), distinctive resources are indispensible element of organization to create competitive advantage. These unique resources should be hard to imitate or obtain. A powerful brand can be seen as a distinctive resource for organization as it cannot be imitated … Read More»

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