Curiosity or inquisitiveness is a distinctive feature

Curiosity or inquisitiveness is a distinctive feature of human beings. We are curious to know about ourselves, our institutions, our environment, our planet, other planets, etc. Questions go on arising in our mind. What are the parameters of sound health of a person? How do problems of health arise? What are the remedies? What is … Read More»

Culture challenge in defining abnormality

relativism is of the argument that, beliefs on abnormality differ across cultures and sub-cultures. A perfectly acceptable behavior as perceived in one cultural set up may be regarded abnormal in another. Any attempt to define abnormality faces a certain degree of limitation from cultural variations. As such, psychologists may never be certain that their definition … Read More»

Cronbachs Alpha Reliability Analysis Psychology Essay

Scale measurement is an important element in survey. The survey in this study involved 3 sections, which are section A, section B and section C. Nominal scale was used in survey section A, and ordinal scale was used in survey section B and C. Nominal scale is scale that labels the items rather than scales … Read More»

Critical review on the topic of criminal profiling

criminal profiling for many decades, it is only in the last 20 years that we have seen a steady increase in research and application. Finally, there are serious attempts to build theories and vigorously scrutinize and test research. This paper intended to provide a feel for the development of the different methodologies of criminal profiling … Read More»

Critically evaluate two theories of aggression

satisfaction from it, such as, planning someone’s murder or robbing a bank. You get some sort of emotional reward from it. Instrumental aggression is basically to act in an aggressive way but without aiming to hurt the target, such as, fighting for survival in a war. Relational aggression is behaviour that is intended to damage … Read More»

Critically Evaluate the Cognitive Explanations of Addiction

With around a third of the population chronically addicted to nicotine and the ever increasing burden of alcohol related illness on the National Health Service, the study of what causes and maintains addiction is one of the most important psychological issues on the government’s health agenda today. Coupled with advances in medical and pharmacological treatments … Read More»

Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of personal construct

In social psychology, individual difference research aims to find out why individuals act differently in the same scenarios (Butt, 2007). This essay will be looking at two different theories which study and interpret individual differences to personality in two different ways. Kelly’s (1955, cited in Butt, 2007; Stevens, 2002) personal construct theory and Eysenck and … Read More»

Critical Evaluation of Eysenck’s Theory

Introduction This essay attempts to highlight what I consider to be some of Eysenck’s main contributions to the study of personality, and his impact on psychology in general. The first part of the paper outlines his theory and elaborates on some key themes, including the dimensions of personality, and the construct of traits and its … Read More»

Critical appraisal of the smoking health behaviour

Tobacco popularity has risen enormously throughout the last 450 years (Marks, Murry, Willig, Evan, Woodall and Sykes, p.155).The ongoing concerns have amplified, why do individuals make conscious decisions to carry out acts such as smoking when the apparent health concerns are prominent? Numerous research institutes have dedicated immense amounts of time and money, in the … Read More»

Counselling And Consulting Psychology Psychology Essay

This essay represents two part, one a counselling theory and its application and secondly whether counselling is an important part of consulting psychology. It challenges the writer to think, debate and research that challenges the student to increase their knowledge and understanding of the dual professions in which they are increasing and acquiring new competence. … Read More»

Correlations Between Iq Scores And Academic Performance Psychology Essay

Anastasi noted declining correlations between IQ scores and academic performance with increasing levels of educational attainment. Specifically, the correlations between the two constructs declined from r = .70 in elementary school to r = .50 in secondary school and to r = .40 in college (Chamorro-Premuzic & Furnham, 2005). Within postsecondary education itself, there is … Read More»

Corrections for Range Restriction and Attenuation Effects

One of the most pervasive methodological problems in the educational and psychological field entails determination of the techniques which are to be used in assessing the nature and strength of the relationship between various measures. Of course, the correlation coefficient has provided the field with a viable statistical tool for solving this problem. Unfortunately, in … Read More»

Continuing Personal And Professional Development Psychology Essay

Self awareness is obtaining understanding of ones core values, identity, emotions, motives and goals. Duval and Wicklund further defined self awareness as the attention state where the individual directs their conscious attention to some aspect of their selves. (Duval, 1972) It is considered self awareness also incorporates the identification and acknowledgement of one’s strength’s as … Read More»

Conformity And Discrimination Being Different Psychology Essay

This paper attempts to define the causes of conformity and discrimination by exploring the causes and effects of conformity and the relationship of discrimination in regards to its causes, consequences, and ways to combat discrimination. We look at the social dispositions that affect our character and the role of social context on these dispositions. The … Read More»

Conflict between child and parent and students grades

In todays society, grades are more important than ever. Emphasis is put on achieving academic success starting in elementary school and children are encouraged to think about their college education as early as seventh grade. While grades are not always an indication of what or how well a person is learning, they do play an … Read More»

Conceptual Models Of Momentum Psychology Essay

One of the earliest cited definitions of momentum was provided by Iso – Ahola and Mobily (1980) who stated momentum is a gained psychological power which may change interpersonal perceptions and influence physical and mental performance. Taylor and Demick (1994) suggest momentum is, at the same time, one of the most commonly referred to and … Read More»

Comparison of three different Developmental Theories

This paper will compare and contrast three developmental theories we have learned about throughout this class: social learning theory, psychoanalytic theory, and the psychosocial theory. Developmental theories are beneficial to understand the behavior of a child, and though some may seem very different, they can share many similarities. These theories help people to understand the … Read More»

Comparison Of Erikson And Bandura Theories Psychology Essay

Albert Bandura was born on 4th December 1925 in Mundare which is a small town in Alberta, Canada. His parents were of polish descent. His theory was developed based on his belief that previous and earlier theorists had not dealt completely with the most important psychological issues and processes. Thus, his new view was referred … Read More»

Compare contrast and evaluate two psychotherapeutic approaches

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy are the most commonly used psychotherapeutic treatments of mental disorders in adults (Goisman et al., 1999).Both will be described as defined by their primary therapeutic aims, theoretical backgrounds and some of the more blatant differences that make them such conflicting approaches, after which they will be evaluated in terms … Read More»

Compare and contrast the Trait approach

personality. Over the years personality psychologists have been searching for ways of mapping out personality as a whole, providing methods of measurement and a deeper insight into human behavior. The theories that have been developed help us understand and predict human behavior, whether that be within a group, society or as an individual. Trait theorist’s … Read More»

Compare and contrast the models of therapeutic relationship

The importance of an effective therapeutic relationship in successful psychotherapy is without question and can be traced back to the most fundamental aspects of a ‘relationship’ in society. Indeed, one of the great determinants of social well-being and happiness stems from the ability to form close relationships with others, illustrated by the concept of ‘support … Read More»

Cognitive psychology, retention and learning transfer

The way information has been retained and transferred into meaningful output has baffled the minds of Cognitive Psychologists for decades. It is in an effort to discover how this becomes possible that various Cognitive Psychologists have developed hypotheses and presented models. Estes, (1975) posited that some learning theories support hypotheses that are based on instruction … Read More»

Cognitive Development In Middle Childhood: Self Regulation

The developmental stage of middle childhood promotes many changes to a child’s life. At this stage, the majority of children can successfully engage with a range of everyday practices that may involve areas pertaining to the use of problem solving skills, decision making and motor movement. Posner & Rothbart (2000) reinforce that during middle childhood … Read More»

Cognitive behavioral therapy in treating aggressive behavior disorder

This paper will briefly look at the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in the treatment of a social suborder known as aggressive behaviour disorder. The findings of American Psychiatric Association Journal, 2000 will be discussed and more background information will be derived from the books by American Psychiatric Association Journal (2000) and it will … Read More»

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cbt Psychology Essay

CBT is assumed. In treating a variety of conditions, including mood, anxiety, personality disorders, substance abuse, and psychotic disorders Many treatment programs for specific disorders to evaluate the efficacy CBT, the trend of medical treatment on evidence, which recommended specific treatments for symptom-based diagnosis has CBT approaches such as psychodynamic treatments favors. CBT was developed … Read More»

Co Action Effect And The Audience Effect Psychology Essay

The co-action effect occurs when a higher level of performance is present when surrounded by other individuals performing the same task. It can be applied to a variety of tasks competitive and non-competitive e.g. Sports, multiplications, spelling etc. It is also perceived that an individual’s work rate can alter by merely watching the individual carry … Read More»

Clinical Case Study of Seung-Hui Cho

and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective well being and personal development. This is a modern approach to developed to handle cases involving chronic and extreme human behavior abnormality that are caused as a result of mental depression and other notable factors related to the process of human development and existence. These … Read More»

Classical Theories Of Cognitive Development Psychology Essay

There are two classical theories of cognitive development. The one that I will focus on is Piagets theory of cognitive development. He hypothesized that learning is a physical, biological function of dealing successfully with the environment (Phillips, 1998). This is the basis for his theory. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is based on two biological … Read More»

Clark Beck Obsessive compulsive inventory Test

Clack Beck Obsessive compulsive inventory test intent to find out relationship between one’s personality disorder and how it affects one’s interpersonal relation. This research has two main purposes. First, this study will observe the relation between personality disorder and interpersonal troubles by using information gather from one’s self report and group of people who relate … Read More»

Clarifying the basic principles of freuds theories

it is important to be clear about the meanings of certain terms that you may come across and throughout the handout you will find footnotes clarifying certain terms. Firstly though, a word about the terms psychoanalysis and psychodynamics. Psychoanalysis refers to both Freud’s original attempt at providing a comprehensive theory of the mind and also … Read More»

Choosing between mischel and rotters explaining personality

Both Julian Rotter and Walter Mischel proposed the social cognitive approach to personality. Known as social cognitive theorists, Mischel and Rotter suggested that conscious thoughts and emotions determine the difference between people and guide the way they behave (Mischel, 2004). The social cognitive approach is not based on the description of an individual’s personality rather … Read More»

Child Obesity Is A Modern Global Epidemic Psychology Essay

Child obesity is a modern global epidemic. A multitude of factors that shape the obesogenic environment make children susceptible to obesity; parental misperception may be one of them (Doolen, Alpert & MIller, 2008). Its prevention and treatment with particular focus on overweight and obesity affecting toddler and pre-school age children are urgent priority concerns for … Read More»

Is child development best described as a gradual change

Child development refers to the changes (biological, psychological, cognitive, social and emotional…) that take place in human beings from the time of conception till the end of adolescence. The genes (nature) and the environment (nurture) are argued to be the two ideas involved when referring to child developmental changes. Theories on child development vary from … Read More»

Child Development Theories

a child’s maturity. Of these theories, there are three great works that delve into the core of a child’s psychoanalytic and cognitive development. The great philosophers’ and psychologists’ Sigmund Freud, Eric Erikson, and Jean Piaget, developed stage centered milestones in which children should realize to ensure that they reach their full psychosexual, psychosocial, and cognitive … Read More»

Chemistry Of Antidepressants And Forms Of Depression Psychology Essay

Each and every person intermittently feels blue or sad; however these feelings are typically ephemeral and go by in a couple of days. Once a person experiences a depressive disorder, it tends to interfere with the person’s life on a daily basis, ordinary functioning, and in majority of the cases leads to an excruciating pain … Read More»

Characteristics Of The Lifespan Development Psychology Essay

The theories to be discussed will explain the main characteristics of the key life stages in each approach being used, as well as analyzing the principle theories of development. The theories to be discussed are psychoanalytic Erikson vs. Freud, The cognitive Piaget vs. The Sociocultural Vygotsky and then to compare and contrast the characteristics of … Read More»

Characteristics In Autism Children Psychology Essay

Approximately one in every 88 children in the United States has been diagnosed with Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, a complex neurodevelopmental disorder of unusual social and communication behaviors that begins in early life (Peterson and Barbel, 2013). This type of disorder has been more prevalent in recent years, occurring primarily in children. … Read More»

Challenges and breakthroughs for women

The history of women’s rights is a chronicle plagued with many challenges and breakthroughs for women. While woman(sp) had a difficult time making their way in the field of psychology, minorities had a bigger challenge in front of them during this era. Minorities continue to be underrepresented in the field of psychology today. In this … Read More»

Case Study: Reciprocal Determinism

University of Iowa, where he developed the social learning theory. Bandura had certa of peer relations is aggression, and many times we often only think of physical aggression. However, relational aggression can also characterize the peer interactions of adolescents, and thus it has gained more attention in research. Relational aggression can be defined as a … Read More»

Case Study: Psychopathic Genes

that take life from others. Killers roam our streets but, aren’t easy to spot. They blend in with our looks and sometimes personalities. It is only possible to tell by their actions, for example when they have committed a gruesome crime. Little is known about psychopaths, many assume they are inspired, pressured or forced into … Read More»

Case study on formulation of cognitive behavioural perspective

A formulation is a tentative explanation or hypothesis as to why an individual presents and maintains a particular disorder or circumstance at a particular point in the time (Weerasekera, 1993) The present essay will look at the formulation of cognitive behavioural perspective in light of Cara’s case study. Becks cognitive model of psychopathology stresses the … Read More»

Case Study of a young boy with Autism

evaluate his cognitive, language, and behavioral abilities. His speech problems have set in London and delves into many dissimilar aspects of emotions like love, anger, and happiness. Throughout the film, there are ten separate stories, which are all about very different people, many of whom shown are with connections in several ways. Love actually begins … Read More»

Case study: Episodic Memory

and all the emotions associated with the same while in a totally different situation or a different place(eg: first day in college or day you got the best student award etc.). In short we can travel back to the past in our minds. This kind of memory which involves recalling of past events is called … Read More»

Case Study: Bipolar 1 Disorder

the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV-TR). A discussion of the diagnostic criteria, as applicable to B’s profile is provided and the incidence, course, and outcome of the disorder presented. B’s Profile B’s full profile is presented in appendix 1, but a brief outline of his primary symptoms follows. B is a 40-year old male from … Read More»


example, having to present a project in front of a class, having dinner for the first time with the in-laws, or expecting a baby may make anyone feel anxious. It’s perfectly okay. It is when the anxiety is persistent, unexplainable, and intense that it interferes with an individual from having a normal day and disrupts … Read More»

Case study: Aging Mind and Memory

abstract Hearing loss is one of the most common problems of aging affecting older adults. Hearing loss, in particular happens for many reasons. The purpose of this research is to find the age related causes of decline in cognitive functions and hearing abilities of older adults Research indicates that loss of hearing is a serious … Read More»

Bronfenbrenners Ecological Theory Of Development Psychology Essay

This literature review discussed about one of theory of life span development. The theory that is being focused on is Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory. In order to understand this theory more, the author researched on the biography of Urie Bronfenbrenner to understand him more. The author proceeds to explain every key system that is included in … Read More»

Brief History Of Positive Psychology Psychology Essay

The advent of positive psychology as we know it today can be traced back to Martin E. P. Seligmans 1998 Presidential Address to the American Psychological Association (Seligman, 1999). Following a serendipitous holiday meeting between Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi in winter 1997 (Csikszentmihalyi, 2003), and an epiphanic moment when gardening with his daughter Nikki (Seligman & … Read More»

Brain Plasticity In Early Childhood Psychology Essay

Childhood is said to be a period of bliss, innocence, wonder, curiosity, enthusiasm, awe, freedom and is a relatively happier part of one’s life. It is a period of immense opportunity. The pace of growth, both mental and physical is highly accelerated during this phase of life. Within a span of about two to three … Read More»

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