What Is The Concept Of Social Justice Social Work Essay

There have been issues of inequality for centuries such as oppression, discrimination, and prejudices. The government has the task of making certain that those laws are set in place to protect those when conflicts of social justice arise “But the government is a reflection of the majority’s will, so there has been and continues to … Read More»

What Attracts People To Do Social Work Social Work Essay

I have always been deeply committed to helping others, especially helping those who come from similar backgrounds such as mine. Several experiences have stimulated my attraction to the field of social work. The first step towards my passion to study social work was formed when I was about four. My parents were unfit to raise … Read More»

Ways Children Looked After By Local Authority Social Work Essay

In the context of Shona and her family, this assignment will firstly review the powers and orders necessary to bring the children to be looked after by the local authority along with the governing principles. It will then discuss relevant areas for review and the required order to ensure good care for the children, including … Read More»

Vulnerability Issues In A Case Study Social Work Essay

The purpose of this assessment is to identify and discuss the vulnerability issues arising from the scenario. Peter is a vulnerable adult and inclined to be forgetful therefore, reference will be made to the nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of professional conduct in respect of duty of care, safety, respecting client’s dignity, confidentiality, and consent … Read More»

Volunteering In Sports Social Work Essay

academies. By critically examining existing research and related literature, this review aims to draw up key issues and identify gaps in the current volunteering system. The scope of the searches for relevant literature was restricted to material dated from 1990 onwards, with to enable the literature review to concentrate on the most recent information. Literature … Read More»

Using The Case Scenario Of Bertram Family Social Work Essay

Part 1: Indicate two sociological theories that can be used to help your understanding of the service users’ situation In taking the time to observe how sociological and psychological influences may impact on a service user or client group, the social worker can remain mindful of the wider context of a situation and not just … Read More»

The Wellbeing Of The Older Population Social Work Essay

As the population continues to age, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on policies and practices that support and enhance the wellbeing of the older population in later life. One sad reality for many seniors in later life and an increasing cause for concern is elder abuse. Elder abuse is one of the most … Read More»

The Victoria Climbie Inquiry Report Social Work Essay

In his statement to the House of Commons when presenting Lord Laming’s Inquiry Report into the death of Victoria Climbié, on 28 January 2003, the Secretary of State for Health, Alan Milburn, said: “It is an all too familiar cry. In the past few decades there have been dozens of inquiries into awful cases of … Read More»

The Values And Ethics Of The Profession Social Work Essay

Social workers are put into difficult situations on a regular basis. The Health and care professions council (HCPC) set guidelines to aid the challenges social workers face. To remain registered, a social worker needs to abide by the HCPC code of ethics to ensure delivery of the best possible service for users. Working within the … Read More»

The Understanding Of Health And Social Care Social Work Essay

It is difficult that to describe and understand the value of care because value of care has very narrow in terms of the all the aspects of health and social care. Care value defines the rules, principles, regulations, and guidelines that every carer has to follow during their services to their clients. The values play … Read More»

The Strengths And Limitations Of Personalisation Social Work Essay

With the continuously growing number of older population in the country and the life expectancy that keeps on increasing, the demand for the elderly care is also equally on the increase. Consequently the government are also putting in effort in order to continue improving the service provided for the elderly care such as the introduction … Read More»

The Social Work Theory Social Work Essay

INTRODUCTION Social work practice enables disadvantaged people to develop their full potential and enrich their lives. It is complex and challenging profession. Social workers deal with a variety of clients from different ethnicity, age, gender, disability and social inequalities. Use of theories in social work practice gives it a strong knowledge base. They provide a … Read More»

The Smart Family Case Study Social Work Essay

“We know far more about how to prevent the primary occurrence of maltreatment than how to respond effectively once maltreatment has occurred” (Munro, 2010, p. 22) Preventing harm is beneficial, therefore, to social work with the Smart family, children Zac, Karly and Tierney; their Mum, Sam; Paul, father of the girls; and Mike, father of … Read More»

The Sexual Abuse Of Children Social Work Essay

Childhood is idealised as a garden, protected by walls and hedges, where nature flourished at its perfect best. It is often envied and honoured. However, in reality most children are often neglected, abused and exploited. An overview of the reported cases suggests that a major part of reported child maltreatment was sexual abuse. As many … Read More»

The Safeguarding Of Children By The Government Social Work Essay

‘The process of protecting children from abuse or neglect, preventing impairment of their health and development, and ensuring they are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care that enables children to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully.’ (Source: Working Together to Safeguard Children, 2006). It is essential … Read More»

The Roles Of Social Workers Social Work Essay

interventions they can delivery to safeguard a child. It is also going to be making links with anti-discriminatory practice, and show the importance of working in partnerships with service users and other professionals. I am going to focus this assignment on Children at “Risk of Significant Harm”. This is such a broad area, so I … Read More»

The role of family power structure

control, influence or change another person’s behavior (Friedman, 1998). Power is related to resources. Control over resources (eg. money) infers power. In most families, parents control these resources. There are three types of family power namely chaotic power, symmetrical power and complementary power (Hanson, 2001). The power structure in my family is complementary power. It … Read More»

The Role Of Family In Mental Health Social Work Essay

During mental health rotation I came across the scenario, which forced me to reflect on it. A 30 years old male patient diagnosed with schizophrenia since four to five years and has multiple admissions during past years. During examination and history taking I came to know that he is being admitted since two year back … Read More»

The Role Of Assessment In The Workplace Social Work Essay

In this assignment I will discuss the role of assessment in collaborative learning. It will also discuss service-user involvement in practice-based educational processes. For the practice teacher an essential responsibility of this role is to assess whether the student has developed a satisfactory level of competence in their practice within their placement. The assessor’s responsibility … Read More»

The Residential Child Care Practice Processes Social Work Essay

To consider the process and practice of admitting young people into residential care today it is important to have an awareness of the history of residential child care. The second half of the 19th century saw the introduction of Children’s homes by philanthropists such as Victorian Gentleman William Quarrier and the Reverend Jupp. Residential child … Read More»

The Purpose Of The Case Study Social Work Essay

The purpose of the case study is to provide the student with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to analyse and evaluate the use of a method of social work intervention with an individual, family, or group of service users, and where appropriate, the carers. Task In consultation with the practice teacher, tutor and where … Read More»

The Processes Managing Risk With Vulnerable People Social Work Essay

This assignment will explore assessment processes and the management of risk in the protection of a vulnerable person. I will provide a brief case study and discuss how assessments and risk management has been applied to this individual case. This assignment will look at different theories and legislation that impact on risk management in social … Read More»

The Potential For Professional Misuse Of Power Social Work Essay

The focus of attention of this essay is on ‘The potential for professional misuse of power by health care professionals when working with vulnerable groups’. The author of this paper will address a number of issues as they relate to the topic question, which includes, describing a vulnerable group nominated for discussion and why they … Read More»

The Origins Of Community Care Social Work Essay

The beginnings of community care date back the Griffiths Report in 1988, particular Community Care: Agenda for Action and the government White Paper Caring for People. (Guthrie; 2011) The papers emphasised choice, independence and involvement service users and carers. A series of shifting strategies and priorities developed such as; move from institutionalisation to promote independent … Read More»

Theoretical Approaches Of The Elderly Abuse Social Work Essay

2-1- Introduction In the upcoming chapter, the title will be review of research literature. This chapter considered as the heart of research supervises al the time research stages and is theoretical and performance guidance of research. This chapter consists of three main topics. The first topic titled “review of research theoretical literature” deals with theoretical … Read More»

The Neglect Of A Child Sexual Abuse Social Work Essay

In this essay I would like to give a clear definition of the neglect of children and explain what goes on in families where children are neglected. I would like to explain the typologies of neglect and how these can impact on the child developmentally. The most common form of child maltreatment is child neglect … Read More»

The Lifespan Perspective For Social Work Practice Social Work Essay

“The field of developmental psychology is the scientific study of age-related changes in behaviour, thinking, emotion, and personality.” (Bee and Boyd, 2002, p3). This assignment will concentrate on the early years area of the lifespan, which ranges from pre-birth to 3 years of age. During the early years, children start to develop physically as they … Read More»

The Inter Professional Practice In Social Work Social Work Essay

This essay will outline and explain why inter professional collaborative practice in social work is important. It will also examine key factors that help or hinder effective inter professional collaborative practice. It will explain why it is important that professionals work together and effectively as a team and the consequences that can occur when professionals … Read More»

The Interplay Of Structural Social Work Essay

practice maintains a particular concern for those who are most excluded from social, economic or cultural processes and structures….Consequently, social work practice is a political activity and tensions between rights to care and control and self-determination are very much a professional concern”(O’Connor et al, 2006, p.1) The Brown family case study will be referred to … Read More»

The Influences And Decisions Of Social Workers Social Work Essay

As a social worker, having an awareness of how my philosophy may influence my decision-making in a professional setting is important for future practice. In order to give my clients the most beneficial advise. I must be aware of my responsibilities in following the value practices of social work. Know my position in the helping … Read More»

The Importance Of Personal Networks Social Work Essay

Personal networks are an important factor in people’s daily lives. People who are embeded in a network of personal relationships experience a higher level of well-being than those who are socially isolated.The following is a critical reflection analysis about themes that I found to be most meaningful during the course of the term. The themes … Read More»

The Importance Of Core Communication Skills Social Work Essay

According to Nelson (1980) social work was one of the first professions to recognise the importance of communications skills and the link to effective practice. Communication skills can be essential to the task of assessment, interviewing and later decision making for social workers. In practice, communication tends to be defined primarily as: ‘The verbal and … Read More»

The Image Of Asylum Seekers Social Work Essay

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) are amongst the discriminated and oppressed social groups in the UK .They are vulnerable but this is not always well matched with their access to services (Kohli and Mitchell, 2007) and they are just children in need (Howarth 2001).This essay shall explore some aspects of discrimination that affect them, the … Read More»

The Evaluation And Invention Of Social Work Social Work Essay

This short study takes up the evaluation and assessment of two social work intervention theories, namely the Task Centred Approach and the Crisis Intervention Method, with special regard to their implications and applications for social work practice. Social workers, in the course of their practice, are often called upon to help people in coping and … Read More»

The Effects Of Homophobic Bullying Social Work Essay

The stigma and prejudice attached to homosexuality encourages the perpetuation of homophobic bullying against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and Trans gender (LGBT) youth by their peers. Bullying can take the form of homophobic epithets, sexual harassment and even violence. The class room has been described by social psychologists as the “most homophobic of all institutions.” … Read More»

The Development Of Social Work Social Work Essay

The problems that came about from industrialisation proved there was a severe lack of help for those who truly needed it. No profession already existed to help these people in society, and from that social care gradually came about, progressing into social work as it is today. Industrialisation meant that everyone left the country to … Read More»

The Case Study Assessment Social Work Essay

process you have used, reflect on the impact of your work and discuss future action. In addition to discussing the process and its application in practice you will need to show that you understand its theoretical underpinning. and reflect on its effectiveness in relation to social policy and anti oppressive issues. You will include in … Read More»

Teenage pregnancy in the uk

(NTPS) to combat it. Despite efforts put into this strategy, the UK still ranks as the highest in Europe and the lofty targets of 50% reduction is yet to be met as recent statistics show only an overall of 4.9% in reduction in rates since inception of the programme (ONS 2009). The NTPS highlighted four … Read More»

Statement Of Professional Goals Ma Social Work Essays

We live in a culture where families are challenged with problems all the time. Regardless of what the problems may be, families need help developing skills to communicate effectively and strengthen their relationships. While most individual can recognize that their families need help, they frequently are not adequately prepared to help their families make needed changes.  … Read More»

Social Work And Assessment To Framework Social Work Essay

Assessments have been a key element to the social work practice and we have seen many changes and developments within assessments over the years. The Children’s Act 1989 and other legislation such as Criminal Justice Act 1991 and NHS and Community Care Act 1990 all contributed towards the changes made within the assessment process. The … Read More»

Social Work And Aboriginal Australians Social Work Essay

In the reading by Bennett and Zubrzycki (2003) they write about themselves, a Polish-Australian and an Indigenous Australian who collaborated in a research project about Indigenous social work. They interviewed 6 Indigenous social workers and give details of the difficulties faced in contemporary social work practice. Those interviewed face many obstacles in their practice due … Read More»

Social Security Policy In Hong Kong Social Work Essay

Welfare services are significant elements in a society, which welfare should provide, to what extent the welfare can be provided and how to provide may vary among different society. There are some models help us to understand the factors affecting the welfare system such as the Residual Welfare Model and the East Asian Welfare Model. … Read More»

Social Policy Responses To Domestic Violence Social Work Essay

This essay will evaluate the current social policy responses to the social issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a multi-faceted issue affecting the perpetrator, the survivor and their families. This means that many agencies may need to be involved. Domestic violence is prevalent within all strata of society, rich and poor, with no regard … Read More»

Socialization In Developing Patterns Of Deviance Social Work Essay

Primary socialization could be more important than secondary socialization as the primary socialization phase is the basic step that an individual takes to enter into society. Socialization has been described as to render social or make someone able to live in society and learn the social norms and customs. Socialization is central to the functioning … Read More»

Single Women And Depression Social Work Essay

Depression in single, married and widowed/divorced employed mothers Mental health is gradually becoming a focus in today’s society. Women are diagnosed with mental illness two-to-one compared to men. Some hypothesis to the reason for these unequal statistics include hormone differences, cultural stifling of women’s creative expression leading to maladjusted coping mechanisms, or misdiagnoses by sexist … Read More»

Service User And Care Involvement Analysis Social Work Essay

This review will consist of an introduction, aims of the review, and methods of data collection, findings on a series of questions and answers on the extent of service user involvement in the discharge process, conclusions, and possible recommendations for change. It will conclude with a reflection piece. The following review will discuss the issue … Read More»

Self Assessment Working With Mentally Handicapped Persons Social Work Essay

In this paper, the author generally considered her past personal experience as well as reviewed relevant professional literature, addressed her weakness in serving as a social worker in cases with mentally handicapped persons. After defining this special population and describing their contemporary situation, the author probed the root factors contributing to influence her perform in … Read More»

Rising Foster Care System Population Social Work Essay

Foster care is full-time substitute care of children outside of their home by people other than their biological, adoptive, or legal guardians. Children are removed from their own homes and placed in foster care in a variety of settings. They may be placed with kinship caregivers, non-relatives, therapeutic or treatment foster care, or in an … Read More»

Relevance of attachment theory

history of attachment theory and the basics of how it works. Mary Ainsworth was well known for her ‘Strange Situations’ study and this essay will give a brief description of the experiment and its outcome and will be critically explored. As social deprivation is still a common factor in today’s society this essay will define … Read More»

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