3D Printed Guns in the Modern World

This paper covers three dimensional (3D) printing, originally created as additive manufacturing, specifically about downloadable weapon blueprints that can be printed on private machines that any individual consumer can buy. The issues of current and future legislature, security threats, and the dangers and non-dangers of the weapons for both the user and the public will … Read More»

3-D Printing Innovations: Bio Tech and Aeronautics Parts

“What’s almost 40 years old but looks brand new? Believe it or not, it’s 3-D printing and its innovations. Yep, additive manufacturing technology has been around since the Reagan era” (Goldberg, 2018). Building one layer over the other to form a physical 3-D objects is the basic concept of the 3-D printing and its innovations. … Read More»

Virtual 3D Thermal Human Modelling

In recent years, with the revolutionary changes and remarkable innovations on functional and intelligent materials, a growing trend on functional and smart wearable products have been introduced and accepted by the market. Clothing is one of the most common branches. For some fit or tight fit functional clothing, more design elements on human anatomy, physiology, … Read More»

Accessibility and The Ever-Changing Technology in Education

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   ACCESSIBILITY AND THE EVER-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION Accessibility and technology are issues that are affecting how the instructors prepare and teach their lesson in the classroom. Technology is continually changing in the classroom giving teachers more ways to present their lessons. Technology makes it easier for instructors to provide more options … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blocktain Technology

What is Blockchain? In 2017, a new form of currency and heated topic came to light, Bitcoin. Soon after its emergence, Bitcoin turned into the most invested in and discussed topic. It was considered to be a future form of digital currency. Investors and debaters understood the basics of how Bitcoin operated, however, the system … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality The technology of virtual reality was popping up to the public recent years; it promotes rapidly and gradually permeates people’s lives. Virtual reality is a technology that can imitate reality. When people put the VR glasses on, they can be placed in any scenes that seem real. The high realistic scenes bring magic … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Abstract: Virtual Reality has made tremendous strides over the past centuries. From an innovative thought that was coined unrealistic in the past, is presently progressively developing and being executed into our lives. The thought behind Virtual Reality or “VR” is to completely immerse an individual into a computer-simulated environment in which they can interact and … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology

Introduction: Nowadays, computer technology is used in a variety of different ways for everyday life. This has become every body’s necessity whether they realise it or not. Everybody is using technology to some degree, let it be by setting an alarm clock or using a computerised self driving car. In everyday life, technology is used … Read More»

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Today

Chirag Patel The world has come very far with respect to technology. In reality, technology, social media, and smart phones have breached the mainstay in our everyday lives in a short period of time. Gone are the days of cassette and VHS tapes. Gone are the days of typewriters and cursive handwriting. Those outdated technologies … Read More»

Airport Tracking Device for Blind and Partially Sighted

Expanding ambient technologies for blind and partially sighted people has rapidly grown over the last few years, enabling people to become more independent in their daily lives. Ambient intelligence is already becoming commonplace in the environment through the widespread use of computing, mobile devices, and information appliances, thereby increasing the ease of communication “between individuals, … Read More»

Analysis Of Multidimensional Data Using Various Methods

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Nikhil Deshmukh Abstract– Data is exponentially increasing every year, business wants to analyze data more accurately and efficiently. Analyzing huge amounts of data is tedious tasks that involve considerable challenges, commitments and organizational expense. This paper provides an overview of different methods and tools to analyze data in the data warehouse. We … Read More»

Analysis of Technology in Business

Technology has slowly and steadily seeped into all aspects of our lives, big or small. Business is no exception to this trend. In the age of information technology, computers and the internet have become as necessary to businesses as capital, in some cases even more so. Use of specialized hardware and software has made things … Read More»

Andrew G. Ferguson’s Overview on Dig Data Policing

At the “high-tech command center” located in Los Angles, computers manage live crisis, maps pin point high crime areas, and surveillance cameras monitor streets. This center is the Real-Time Analysis Critical Response Division (RACR) (Ferguson, 2017, p.1). It provides law enforcement with intelligence and information in a matter of minutes after a crime as occurred. … Read More»

An Exploration of Ethics Behind Information Technology

Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to discuss how the increased use of information technology within society can cause ethical dilemmas to arise. Information technology has become widely adopted, and continues to impact several organizations, through the process of gathering and storing information online. Although many individuals would claim this advancement to be … Read More»

Annotated Bibliography: Automated Brain Tumor Detection

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   V. Zeljkovic et al.(2014)[1]] proposed computer aided way of automated brain tumor detection with MRI images. This technique enables the particular segmentation of tumor tissues by with the correctness and also reproducibility just like physical segmentation. The outcomes display 93. 33% precision with irregular images and also total accuracy with healthy … Read More»

Apple’s Developments in AI Technology

Executive Summary   Apple was a company established in 1976. The company’s purpose was to revolutionize the tech industry, specifically focusing on consumer electronics, online services, and computer software. In its consumer electronics department, Apple manufactures phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, among other smaller electronics like Airpods. According to a 2018 unaudited summary data Apple made … Read More»

Apple vs Microsoft Compare and Comparison

Corey Rill Microsoft and Apple are the two biggest companies when it comes to computer manufacturing and the consumer electronics industry. The two companies have an ample of similarities and differences. Both Microsoft and Apple launched their corporations within a short period of each other. They are the highest earning rival companies, As well as … Read More»

Application Layer Protocols in TCP/IP Model

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1: Background Information is deemed to be the backbone of the business stability and sustainability in the twenty-first century irrespective of the size or magnitude of the business as argued by Todd and Johnson (2001)[1]. This is naturally because of the fact that the increase in the use of information technology and … Read More»

Application of Mobile Learning to Universities

Application of Mobile Learning to Universities Table of Contents 1. Abstract: 2. Introduction: 3. Background: 4. Research of Journal 1 4.1 Study 4.2 Findings: 5. Research on Journal 2: 5.1 Study: 5.2 Findings: 6. Discussion: 7. Conclusion: 8. Reference: Abstract: Mobile Learning holds an immense amount of exciting opportunities if the essence of this huge phenomenon is … Read More»

Application of the Internet of Things to Wearable Technology

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Knowledge Based Article Keywords- Internet of Things,Sensors, Circuit, Software,Hardware (key words) I.     Introduction (Breif Rewiew) Internet of things revolves around the connection of devices and the communication intersected between them. It includes devices from smartphones to wearable items like smart watches. These devices analyze information given to them, which creates an … Read More»

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence In a 61 – year – old Bill Gates to the remarks of college graduates in the current era is called “a very good time”, in the fortunate to have a chance at the age of 20 to participate in the digital revolution to change the world at the same time, gates say … Read More»

Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality Augmented Reality brings experiences through a computer-based interaction from the reality-based world that displays situation where humans can see, listen effect as close as if they were real world experiences. In other words, AR was created with the final objective of making a better audiovisual experience through images and technique as speech recognition, … Read More»

Applications of Group Technology

1.0 Introduction Nowadays, the global economic of the world is getting increase and improves. All of the countries, nations and citizens are developing in a fast growing trend. Now the manufacturing processes also have to improve to such a way that produce and manufacture a good quality product with lower costs. Therefore a term group … Read More»

Applied Technology: Virtual Communities of Practice

Applied Technology: Virtual Communities of Practice Lever-Duffy and McDonald (2011) claimed that “there will be no distinctions among traditional education, alternative education, and distance education” (p. 340). Further, traditional classrooms may be completely reinvented. Introduction A community of practice (CoP) is network of individuals who share a domain of interest (Gannon-Leary & Fontainha, 2007). A … Read More»

Approaches to Nano-Technology

NANO TECHNOLOGY Outline 1.      Chapter 1 – Introduction 2.      Chapter 2 – Literature Review a.      Barriers and Issues b.      Simple to complex Molecular nanotechnology Bottom-up approaches Biomimetic approaches Applications Approach/Methodology Conclusion  References Introduction Background Nano technology is most trending in the science and engineering fields where there is competition to how smaller but powerful can a unit become to … Read More»

Are Computers Really Intelligent?

Are computers really intelligent? Computer Intelligence has been in hot debate since the 1950’s when Alan Turing invented the Turing Test. The argument over the years has taken two forms: strong AI versus weak AI:. That is, strong AI hypothesises that some forms of artificial intelligence can truly reason and solve problems, with computers having … Read More»

Are Games Designed to be Addictive?

ADDICTION BY DESIGN 1.0  Question 1 1.1  Are Some Objects Evil Addiction by design details the different elements of addiction where gaming is concerned. Natasha develops an in-depth analysis of the different objects and designers as they interact with their users with the aim of entrancement. The capacity for objects being evil is particularly discussed … Read More»

A Review of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Computational MRI project- A Review of Magnetic Resonance Imaging   The anatomy Simplistically, the process of obtaining an MR image entails the patient being placed on a magnet, application of a radio wave, radio wave being turned off, signal emission by patient, reconstruction of the image. MRI scanners are composed of a magnet, shims, radio frequency … Read More»

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review

It is now even easier to install home surveillance systems especially with the proliferation of Wi-Fi cameras. The main issue with these cameras is that they require Ac power source meaning they can only be used indoors. This problem has been overcome by the introduction of Arlo security system from Netgear. It is designed to … Read More»

Artificial Intelligence and its Applications for the Betterment of Society

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Abstract This paper explains five articles highlighting the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in, and throughout, an ever-evolving world that is becoming ever more reliant on the rapid innovation of technology. As technology advances, more processing power is needed to analyze data in an effective manner, and as shown by both … Read More»

Artificial Intelligence and Our Ethical Responsibility

Artificial Intelligence and Our Ethical Responsibility We live in a world that is consistently growing with emerging technologies and fast innovation. For this reason, it is no surprise that artificial intelligence is becoming a prevalent technology in modern society. Such profound technological advancements lead us to question ethics; however by demolishing cultural barriers, strengthening our … Read More»

Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Issues

Table of Contents Title Page………………………………………………………..0 Table of Contents…………………………………………………..1 Figures List Abstract 1. Introduction 2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2.1 What AI is 2.2 Types of AI 2.3 Weak AI 2.4 Strong AI 3. Uses of Artificial Intelligence 3.1 General uses 3.2 Home uses 4. Worries with AI 4.1 Decline in jobs 4.2 Ethics and Safety 5. … Read More»

Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Business functions that can/cannot be automated INTRODUCTION Computer systems today are a part of almost all businesses; this is because they provide us, along with the added use of the Internet, with a variety of means that made business operations easier, productivity higher, and communication processes faster. Computers and the programs … Read More»

Artificial Intelligence- Unauthorized to Kill

Abstract This paper recognizes certain benefits from Artificial Intelligence. However it should not have its own ability to take human life on its own. This restriction also pertains in a warfare environment. Although artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential and possibilities to be good for humans, it should also remain under close supervision in its … Read More»

Voice User Interface (VUI)

  ABSTRACT: Voice User Interface (VUI) is the interface which works on the user’s demand in the form of speech. The speech engine recognizes the keyword from many ambiguous words in the surroundings and works on the user demand. The basic VUI is constructed by the XML Language. Get Help With Your Essay If you … Read More»

MIS Related Issues

ASOS.com & MIS RELATED ISSUES ‘‘Despite the spectacular dot-com bust a few years ago, the Internet has markedly changed the way we do business.” (Reynolds, 2004, 78) Conducting business in the digital economy refers to the use of Web-based systems, on the Internet and other electronic networks, to accomplish some form of e-commerce. Networked computing … Read More»

Assistive Technology for Differently-Abled Learners

Introduction The Introduction of Technology in the sphere of Education has proved to be a turning point in the transfer of knowledge in a traditional classroom setting. Integrating Technology with teaching and learning has developed an interactive environment while also fostering creativity wherein students find themselves engaging more than in the usual lecture method classroom … Read More»

A Study of Privacy of Voice Virtual Assistant in Siri

RESEARCH PROJECT TITLE: A study of privacy of voice virtual assistant in Siri   Contents 1. Introduction 2. Background 2.1 History of privacy 2.2 How Virtual Assistants Work 2.3 Origins and developments of Siri 2.4 Limitations of virtual assistants (Siri) 3. Recent developments 3.1 Earlier software development 4. Discussion 6. Reference List 7. APPENDIX 1 1. … Read More»

Augmented Reality Applications. Challenges and Future Trends

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Augmented Reality (AR) Abstract Augmented reality presents a mix of real world information and additional computer generated information to a user. Such a mix of information is usually presented by superimposing two distinct sets of images on to a monitor or a head mounted display which enables a viewer to observe … Read More»

Augmented Reality Technology Applications

What is Augmented Reality technology? Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology based on virtual reality. It’s a new human-computer interact technique which uses cameras, sensors, real-time computing and matching technology to overlay computer-generated graphics, sounds onto your physical surrounding to enhance users’ sensory experience of the real world. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) which creates … Read More»

Autocad Vs Microstation: Summary and Evaluation

  Patricia Ferreras Table of Contents (Jump to) What is CAD? AutoCAD and MicroStation History Research 2D Design Features 3D Design Features Interoperability Conclusion Bibliography What is CAD? CAD is an abbreviation of Computer Aided Design, and refers to software used to create detailed, precise drawings and technical illustrations. CAD software is capable of creating … Read More»

Automated Detection of Fall among the Elderly Using Accelerometer Analysis

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Automated Detection of fall among the elderly using accelerometer analysis           TableofContents Introduction Project Description Project Plan Progress to Date Discussion and Conclusion References 1.       Introduction The aim of this report is to provide progress details of the project, goals and plans for the year to complete … Read More»

Automatic Human Task and Behavior Analysis Using Wearable Sensors

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Automatic Human Task and Behavior Analysis Using Wearable Sensors   1. Statement of the research problem and its significance Automatic human task and behavior analysis plays a significant role in a vast variety of applications. Non-stop identifying and tracking the activities are essential tasks to provide healthcare and support to elderly … Read More»

Autonomous Vehicles: Regulation and Liability

Executive summary Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are no longer exclusive in scientific fiction, company like Google has been releasing AVs and will soon widely used on public roadways. Introduction The future of transportation may be dominated vehicles that driving themselves, without any human input. These vehicles are referred to as “autonomous vehicle “which mainly refers to … Read More»

Benefits and Challenges of Technologies – Cyber Security and Risk Management

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   With the improvement in technology, businesses are prone to new challenges that are unique, which need different and more advanced management. Many surveys indicate that although businesses continue to increase their investments and dependencies in IT resources, they aren’t doing to enough to protect themselves from technological risks. Protiviti’s survey indicated … Read More»

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for the Business Environment

 Reference this Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Forthcoming Revolution INTRODUCTION “Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial. “ Max Tegmark, President of the Future … Read More»

Big Data in the Sport of Soccer

Executive Summary   The game of soccer is changing at a rapid pace due to the implementation of big data analytics in recent years. The statistical and analytical data has been used to gain a competitive advantage in the performance of the sport. Much like in the movie Moneyball, Soccer has started to gain valuable … Read More»

Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Introduction A vision to develop a machine with capability to imitate human intelligence have existed way before the invention of computers. With the vast evolution in the IT development and computing system within the last 5 decades, scientist are getting closer to the goal of creating AI machines capable of performing tasks that are associated … Read More»

Causes and Impacts of Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is a shift in market trends caused by innovation in technologies and business models (OXFORD College of Marketing, 2016). The emergence of innovative digital technologies and business models disrupts current markets by changing the business environment as it impacts existing products and services. The disruption in the market is subject to a shift … Read More»

Causes and Impacts of the Digital Divide

This research paper investigates the “digital divide” a term used in the past years as technology advances worldwide. This advance in technology has allowed many to access the digital world. However, as technology grows so does this gap. Worldwide this is due to either economic, societal, educational or structural factors within one’s life. This inequality … Read More»

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