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Athletes as role models

First Draft: Athletes as Role Models

Sports and athletic games is a very popular way of entertainment that has played a major role in people life and since the first years of man existence. From the Greeks and Rome culture to present day, so its so refluxed to society that athletics become an inspiration to a lot of people in body fitness and victory sides. However, recent media has made athletics and the people who play it as role models or heroes. Athletes are seen all over the advertisements and television, every one can watch them in commercials, on shows, read about them in newspaper, and watch them on cinemas too. As Sports plays a big role in the society. So people always seek for positive athletic role models in their society. This leads to this what some people call a role model. So that research is to show importance of having positive athletic role models in society and the influence they have on and off the field. As some teens miss the role of parents who are no longer devote themselves to the young children to sit with them, and dialoguing in proportion to the age that no longer benefit the treatment of children with behavior of kindergarten. So they look for their favorite athletics which have positive effect and negative too according to the athlete personality. So the argumentative point that athletes are not only role models but, in today’s media driven world

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Due to circumstances of modern life, and less physical activity of the human person as a result of the development .Since the human body needs physical activity for both the development and its vital functions and motor or To keep them at a high emotional level, the physical education must play their part in this area .In order to provide the body’s physical activity organizer who works to maintain the vitality some sponsors encourage sports men to be role models so Many are interested in youth business, and specialists as well , the presence of role model in the youth lives, which would help them to continue their lives trying to approach the perfection and get their goals so they seek something as inspiration , and thus contribute and participate directly to the success of these athletic young people in their lives, which necessarily mean success in their community ,as success in sports today means success in the society as well ,and it is common that half of young people present and to the future teenagers too. Are looking to the youth role model , nowadays, in general, whether in the Arab world, or at the local level, there is lacks the presence of such role models in teenager life as parents or friends or relatives , although an exception among the young is proud to achieve their own goals and having the positive attitude of any negative phenomena in their society  those are so energetic and others like painting or any other hobbies except sports, but it is still exception, So when the media deal with youth affairs, and trying to catch teen eyes so they use those popular sports figures to achieve their goals ,like any other type of media  they choose the most successful teen player or the most skilful and get him in poster and contribute in newspapers, magazines and television to reach this result, and also its discovered that many of these young men and women, due to many reasons, multi-colors, but are talking and looking at certain models in singing the present time an example that followed the example in their lives and proud of it, simply because the famous singer appeared more beautiful after surgery to inflate the lips and other plastic surgeries , as well as for the Sports Stars of the story just felt pretty strange, or perhaps shown by their owners New Look .

There is much of definitions to the role model so True role models are those who possess the qualities and positive principles that people would like to be like those as the has effect in people way of thinking and affected in a way that makes nations want to be better people. And to make sure of personal goals, people need to take leadership on the facts and traditions that people believe in. Most of people often don’t recognize the true role models until they have noticed their own personal growth and progress. However the idea of role model is not common for all youth some just wanted to learn and not to take those as role models the good role model encourages people and teenagers to believe that they can get their goal and be a living example however .Some think being role model means that. It is the smile that they give to others. It is the look of stars and all this advertisement things. Some define Good Role Model as a person who tells, and influences teenagers to make the right choice in hard ways of life. As they should teach people that everyone should prove himself to get his goal whatever that means .people may need a reminder to work harder .especially that some of nations are lazy. But the deepest meaning is that role model has to be not just someone who teens look up to or is successful, but someone they can go through similar struggles challenges in life.

It is thought that athletics who are role model is a positive idea, as Athletes who are Against Drugs give a good hope to those children and mold their behavior at a young age. As those children can early to resist peer pressure and alcoholic drinks so early so they can protect them from getting into troubles, and teaches them to stay out of troubles and problems and street fight as some of those kids are involved with gangs. The reason why most kids get involved in gangs is because it is a place where they feel they can fit in. So by monitoring athletics themselves and be against those stuff they can act as positive role models. Athletes are role models, and it is the athlete decision to either use their gift and their powers in a positive or a negative cause. Some athletes believe that the responsibility of being role models, but it does not change the clear fact that they are considered as role models by lots of children.

There is a strong need for positive athletic role models in society; there is no negative side to have a positive athletic role model in teenager life. As stated in some sources ” I believe the majority of professional athletes provide a positive influence on our society. Athletes can be role models in many different ways. You can have a role model like Cal Ripken who doesn’t say too much, but has played in the most consecutive games in baseball ever”. A majority of professional athletes provide hope for young athletes all over the world As. some players have done many positive things in their lives and the lives of millions of children in the world through projects focusing on the lives of the poor and the suffering nations and contributing positively at world disasters, and contribute ,help  many patients with serious diseases, so if every realize to be active in their community and how to help others, and positively react, as lots of those athletics suffered so much in their lives before their become billionaires, but they remained with the same habits, generous, and provides a positive model in the sports world so they contribute in the aspects of humanity so they deserve some respect and appreciation.

Some are against role model as sports men as the idea of heroes are becoming less admirable as the years go by and turned much in cash. With the recent steroids and become more alike heroine ,the real athletics who plays fair games some thinks they are rare this days to be admired by younger players as well. As most of the currently teenagers college aged students were growing up, recently, it is difficult to locate the major good player to be considered as a good example for young people to look up to. Also some sports don’t have any civilized role which affect teens and make theme more aggressive as inspired by athletes of these days, as most of them habitual drug users and general criminals. High school athletes are taking the lead from those professional players and athletics that should play respective sports and more which leads to real problem.Also some thinks that Athletes aren’t always who they seem to be on television and media, they always look like smiling, happy people who just love to help out people in need and give hugs to little children. Some thinks they have another face behind scenes; it is thought they are actors who are good at playing sports, Really some players do not show their real face as it seem on TV, as a lot of them are hard to deal with and heartless folks who are looking for some cash. They might have addiction on drugs or drinking alcohol or many other horrible things, and those things the real role models should not be doing.

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Steroid and protein supplements and the injections which used by those to increase their performance has high health risk is now used by high school seniors, a direct correlation to the mammoth statistics by superstars who cheated the game. A source stated that ” The White House said a recent survey found steroid use among 8th, 10th and 12th graders combined was down from 2001 by 40% for use during lifetime, 42% for the past year and 22% for the past month. ” So a lot of youth are very affected by their athletics to have that muscular body or that higher performance of those athletics in shorter time. Some years ago an athlete said that “I am not a role model”. Actually some thought that he is not only talking about him, but all athletes in general. He referred that he is like most of normal people who want to play a fair game for his team and have his own personal life .So; every athlete should think before he signs a multimillion dollar deal, there is a little kid will put their poster on his wall, its great responsibility to be a role model or hero. However being a role model is not athletic responsibility it’s the audience responsibility to choose whatever he is good enough to represent his society or no, as some athletics are good and some are bad. And also and each of those advertisement organizations can choose what sort of message they want their representatives to deliver to their customers. So a lot of people may not agree with this statement as being model something an athlete can do to himself. However Young and talented teenager athletes sometimes place professional sports above other goals. Which may lead their carrier life to edge, they show low school grades so they wont be able to be apart of their society and they got paid but without education as well.

To summaries the point of views .It is thought from some people that those athletics did not choose to be role models and they were not prepared to be a role model and they may do not ever wanted to be a role model, as its not their responsibility however they carry even a major part of it and also the Given the number of poor examples of sportsmanship ,sponsors on display in the media today, the responsibility for finding models of desirable behaviors and attitudes rests heavily on the shoulders of those involved in the youth environment. Coaches, parents, athletes, teachers, etc must be determined in their promotion of the youth environment. Those professional athletes and other athletes are daily supposed to spotlights and it is so easy to expect that they are watched by millions of people and audience and fans who like their teams, So those people are watching every move. The athletes must realize that when they make mistakes people will be watching and judge and interact with that and even magazines will post it later. But also life is not fair and some do mistakes but also those athletics should act in positive way and take the responsibility for the consequences that come after mistakes that has been made. But also .role models athletes can do many positive things such as educating the young youth at schools by letting them know the importance of going to school and importance of sports as well. Those Athletes who are Against Drugs should be doing as role models. Those great athletics when they are up to training or open sports schools, provide people with lifelong learning skills that can flourish other areas of people lives, enhancing their confidence, improving the way with dealing with the challenges facing them in life, elevate self esteem and change the way of thinking in their life, Those athletics know that they are in the spotlight, Good and bad come out of sports and with recent media, as it over react with the actions of some players And publish it in many forms. Everyone out there is watching and for a prime time, the athlete as a role model is not an issue; it’s a Part of everyday life.


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