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Demographics of Huang Shan, China

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Huang Shan is located in southern Anhui province in eastern China. The city has neighbors of Jingdezhen and Wuyuan County of Jaingxi Province in its southwest edge, Kaihua, Chun’an and Lin’an of Zhejiang Province in its southeast edge, Xuancheng City in its northeast, Chizhou City in its northwest.

Huang Shan annual average temperature is low, only 7.8 ℃, annual range for temperature is small, only 20.3℃. Winter valley with a temporary temperature inversion phenomenon, the density of the cold air in winter night is big, so the cold air along the hillside into the bottom of the valley, the temperature is higher than the bottom in a certain height of slope zone.

The annual average precipitation days 180.6 days, it is only 150-160 days on the foothill. The precipitation days are less in winter, but it increase in spring. It usually has heavy rain in May and June. From the June to September, the precipitation is 49% of annual rainfall, and is 69.6% of the heavy rain over the same period of years. The most Rainfall is 3326.6 mm in 1973, and the least one is 1548.6 mm in 1978.

On the tectonic, Huangshan Mountain is located in contact zone between jiangnan ancient and Yangtze platform. The main tectonic line is almost the same with direction of mountain ranges which are the direction of northeast and southwest. The majority part of Huangshan Mountain is constituted by granite. In the south of promenade creek fracture have Sandstone, quartz sandstone, volcanic rock and metamorphic volcanic rocks. In the north of lotus hill is the Taiping rock mass.

Huangshan has eight hundred million geologic history, and integrating peaks landforms, glacial traces. Also have the typical geological landscape which are Modelling of granite stone, Granite cave room and Fountain pool stream organ etc

Huangshan Mountain has 77 peaks and each peak is sharp. Granite stone forest and stalagmites are distribute among peak, mountainside and valley etc. extensively. There are numerous mountains, rivers and valleys distributed around Huang Shan. Those valleys are deep in those mountains. The both side of the valley are steep walls. Various kinds of rocks are distribute among mountains and valley.

Because of the orogenesis, the earth’s crust uplift, glacier and Natural weathering. Huangshan Mountain form the structure of peak. The main part of Huangshan Mountain is constituted by granite, and it suffered from a strongly erosion, cutting, fractured, long-term water dissolution, then formed granite caves and drill ways. The quaternary glacial relics of huangshan are mainly distributed in the south-east of the mountain.

Base on the Huangshan Mountain rock mass affected by internal and external factors, long time weathering along the vertical cracks, many peaks are composed.

560 million years ago the early tertiary period of Himalayan movement, those sedimentary cover are erode by the uplifting of the mountain. Then Huangshan Mountain finally appear the earth’s surface. During the tertiary and quaternary, Himalayan movement made the earth’s crust uplift generally. Huangshan Mountain also unceasingly rises accordingly. At the same time the granite peak are made by erode.

In the quaternary period, Huangshan Mountain had three ice age and the glacier’s handling. There have many signs of glaciation left on the granite that made Huangshan Mountain has the landscape of glacial landform.

There are about 600 rivers in the area of Huangshan mountain, among with more than 10 km river of the number of 108. Two hillsides locate in the Huangshan city, one in the area of north and another of south. Drainage area in these two hillsides split with 76.98% and 23.02% (north 7569.93 km and south 2264.1 km).

There are 15 hot springs in yellow mountain, one called zhusha hot springs is one of the four top visit place. It’s history could back to Tang Dynasty. The altitude of its place is 650 m, the water degree vary from 41.1 ℃ to 42.5℃ and its changed based on the temperature, range of rain. The flow to itself in the day of 219.51 tons and 145.23 tons at night.

The area of yellow mountain water resource comes from nature rain, witch the biggest rainstorm over there and the average rain is 1775.9 mm. The districts rich with ground water, the flow over 9.928 billion m, but the distribution of its ground river flow is unequal which more in the month of May to July and less when in the winter. The proportion is 1 to 5.

The flood caused by torrential rains, huangshan, cause the harm of plants, animals and human. Some years the flood would be worse to threat the species to regenerate.

Huangshan mountain has a stable-balanced ecosystem. Plant community complete and is vertical distribution, forest coverage is 84.7%, vegetation coverage rate is 93.0%, there are 222 families, 827 genera and 1805 species of higher plants.

Furthermore, Huangshan mountain is an perfect place for animal living and breeding, there are 24 kinds of fish, amphibians is 21 species, 48 species of reptiles, 176 kinds of birds, beasts is 54.

Huangsheng Mountain has a stable ecosystem characteristics. 84.7% rate of forest coverage, 93% rate of vegetation coverage.


Huangshan Mountain has Rich mineral resources. There have various minerals under the Huangshan Mountain, such as limestone, granite, porcelain clay, quartzite, serpentine stone coal and building materials. Huangshan Mountain also have gold, copper, molybdenum, tungsten, antimony, beryllium, non-ferrous metals such as lead, niobium, tantalum, uranium and rare metal mineral, and bentonite, Fu, sulfur, barite, crystal stone, such as non-metallic mineral resources.


Huangshan Mountain has an abundant tourism resources. Huangshan Mountain has various scenic spots that attracted people to travel. Huangshan Mountain provide the source that people can take bath in hot spring. And there also have many restaurants and Hotels that provided to people.

due to the climate change in different layer of the mountain, the plants varied between those layers. the group of the forest include shrubs and herbs in intact. Its ecological system usually balance. the palnts grows health and regularly locate. and many plants could be uesd for medicine. the total area is 126500 mu, the storage is about 365200 cubic meters. if in the open area of the moutain you can see high level plants like pine, bamboo, niche and so on.

Macaque also known as golden monkey. It is tall and big, arms and legs are sturdy. Mainly weight is in 35-40 kilograms, the largest is 50 kilograms. It has long hair in the body, sometimes stood up and walk like human. They imitate human action accurate and flexible. They often exercise together in the forest or peaks. Sometimes, they would play with tourists and friendly. They live in 800-1500 meters of evergreen and deciduous mixed forests, deciduous broad-leaved forest zone. They often migrate down to the valley in the winter, and they usually walking through in 600-800 meters of the broadleaf tree forest for food. Macaque is the second class protected animals in China.

Nowadays, Huang Shan is a famous tourist attractions. Many people from all over the world came to Hang Shan. People get materials and foods from Hang Shan. However, the environment become more serious than before, so many plants and animal become endanger.

There are some severe problems about polluted in the next slide.

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