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Fall Dance Concert Review Art Essay

The performance that was observed was not lively as evidenced by the various features. The performance did not make most of the people in the audience to scream. Even the crowd was not cheerful as the performance went on and it showed that the crowd was not moved by the performance. However the dancers looked organized from the way they were entering the stage. I expected a more lively performance that could ignite the audience from the beginning to the end.

Push /pull

This piece had both men and women with different costumes that also differentiated them. The dance had a total of five dancers and they were dancing to some sort of soul music beats. The music lacked vocals. The stage was brightly lit such that the movement of each dancer could be noticed easily. The color of the costumes could easily be differentiated. The dancers had good costumes with the men having blue trousers and black tops. This made a common costume for the two gentlemen. The ladies costumes were not similar as in the case of the men. They wore shorts of different colors one with white and the other two with black .The ladies top costumes were sleeveless and off different colors for instance yellow light blue and violet. The theme that ran throughout the dance was acrobatic in outlook or some dance competition. From the type of song that was chosen to the costumes and the movements, the dancers express some sort of acrobatic presentation that can entertain the audience. This is a typical dance for music and drama festival events where the dancers are competing against other participants. This has been articulated by the nature of their costumes and the coordinated moves that were being made by the male and female dancers. Such a dance can be compared to the TV show dances that bring out talents in dancing. Movement such as the downward spin has become very common amongst the young dancers. The costume is also typical of the mode of dressing that has characterized TV competition dances.

The movements of the dances were unique and uniformed. Both the men and women were making similar movements with their bodies. The up movements with legs apart was very common followed by the downward spins that were well executed by both men and women dancers.

From my evaluation, the dance was well executed and the dancers had mastered their movements. They were all going with the same rhythm during the dance. The costumes of the ladies however could have been matched in a better way. As evidenced in the dance, their movements are an illustration of common choreographic movements that have become common in competitions today.


The dance had a total of ten dancers who participated in pairs of two. The stage was not lit well and it was difficult to see the faces of the dancers but their movements could be seen. The costumes of the dance were characterized with official wear consisting of shirts and long trousers for the male dancers. The color was dominated by black and white. There was no uniform color in the costumes of the dancers. This was of a formal dance with invited guest. There were different shades of color both in the male and female costume. The lady dancers were dressed in red and white dresses with a wide conical base. The dancers were responding to the classical music that was being enjoyed by most of them. The dance was rather slow and smooth with the male dances holding the female dancers and turning them round. The theme that dominates the entire dance is that of partying or some sort of celebration. This has been depicted by the nature of their costumes. The dancers seemed to be in a partying mood. For instance this is typical of marriage celebration dances with partners holding each other and turning around to the slow and smooth music from the background.

The movements that were being made by the dancers were not coordinated as in the case of competition dancers. Particularly, the male dancers seemed to be relaxed and did not make much movement without the lady dancers. At some instances the male dancer was observed holding the female ones suspended in the air. This is a very common style of dancing for party dances and has featured in the dance. Such a style has been observed quite often in the TV and in movies. Mostly in the soap operas, the dancing style is common during party and celebration scenes.

In my evaluation I can point out that the dance was well executed. The movements of the dancers seemed to be right although the male dancers were almost appearing stationary. Most of the movements are done by the lady dancers. The costume was ok considering that the dance might not be for competition but rather for religious or other celebration. Even though the dancers were not consistently in the rhythm of the classical music, they have depicted good movements such as the rotations that make the dance livelier. The dance was simple and can even be perfumed by the older people. However what can be looked into in the costumes in the color choice that seemed not to be reflecting consistency especially with one dancer in red and others in white and black costumes.

Overall I did not enjoy the dance to the fullest, though it was a bit entertaining with some of the unique movements depicted. The music played was not my favorite hence it determined my attitude towards the dance. This is definitely not what I expected in the concert because I did not witness the dancers swing to my favorite tunes. To make it worse, in the first dance, there were just beats only and no vocals. The concert is a reflection of what has been covered in the lectures specifically on the part of costumes, music and the theme. From the lectures it has been possible to make an interpretation about the themes that are portrayed by the two dances in the concert.

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