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Filming People Without Permission

birthday, can be an event that they like, or for fun. But when used in the wrong way, it can lead to bad luck for the subjects who were filmed without their consent and can lead to major consequences. It’s important to know whether we should and we shouldn’t, why do we do this? For a prank? To go revenge on someone or sell someone out? These kind of situations can mean a lot of other things. Nearly 85% of all teenagers who own a installed camera electronic (Smartphones, Digital Cameras, etc.) record an individual who has been recorded without his or her authorization. This can cause a big privacy problem to those who don’t want themselves to be filmed by another person and submit them to the public/ social media networks. As these acts can lead to the victim getting bullied, harassed, or ruin their reputation. There are such laws regarding these acts in some parts of the U.S.,  a person who commits a crime like this will demand the violator to pay a huge amount of money, up to $100,000.00 fine.

Many questions have been asked. Why bother filming others without their consent? There are many reasons why teenagers do this, one reason is to record a fight between two guys just because for entertainment. This act is very dangerous, yes there were two people fighting, but no permission was given. Fighting in public is prohibited as many people will record this horrid action and will motivate others to do the same thing. As many videos online are being uploaded to the internet for about 6000 videos per second, all it takes is one video. That video will be shared, re-uploaded non-stop until it meets the maximum amount of people online. Once anything is online, it can’t be erased if deleted. Be very cautious when filming the right subject to avoid the consequences it holds. Another unanswered question is why film? Many people don’t realize this isn’t a game when they are filming another individual fighting another individual. Entertain themselves is the reason, many teenagers share this info to one another in order to spread rumors and other remarks, ordering everyone to attack the one who lost the fight. Which spreads also controversy to the media determining on protecting someone’s privacy to avoid being filmed and bullied from others. People have already violated the people who don’t want to expose themselves to the public in social media, not that it’s okay to be popular, but this can make thousands of people despise the victim depending on the situation. If not careful, this can lead the victim to bad luck. It’s important that parents need to know what their teenagers film when not present. Even though they are already grown up, they still need to learn the right and maturity way to handle these acts. Even if their parents don’t expect these acts, they must teach their teen how to respect people’s privacy.

Other reasons are not common, but can happen at anytime. Another reason is to spy or eavesdrop another person. It’s another way to give out the truth to another individual and show what the person you spied on is doing and what is their next motive to move on to. This reason is practically not important but it’s another way to give out the truth, just like how a News Network handles the news; they cover for it, send out the facts on the story they want to cover, and talk on a serious note. The next reason is for fun. People love to have fun especially when they have the freedom to do so. But for this kind of filming, some people love to secretly capture / take a picture of someone’s face and try to edit them in a silly way. This is another common reason why people film others, even though the topic is “Filming another person”, Filming also counts as taking a photo of someone without their permission. When people take a photo of themselves, they call it a slang term for it, a “selfie”. and after that, they edit their photos in a more hilarious and weird way to produce laughter within themselves. Then, at other times they would jokingly take a picture of a friend of theirs and edit their face in a hilarious way, even though he didn’t want his face to become in the social network media. Many things can go wrong if taking photos are not taken seriously, some people don’t care if they are filmed without their permission and seem okay about it. But note that this can also affect on your reputation and your current job too! Your manager does not want to see your face edited in a inappropriate manner/way so make sure nobody is using your privacy rights in a bad situation.

Now how can this hurt you and others if you don’t take this seriously and still disrespect someone’s privacy. EVERYONE needs privacy to continue progressing to their established goal for the day. When it’s been treating itself badly, it cannot help you in any sort of way, and your goal will mean nothing to you, so be careful when dealing with people who can easily publish your face in the media. In one by one, this will show you why to be extra cautious about being filmed.

(Get Hired by Manager for a job) Your boss at work wants to learn about you, they are not people to confide if you are not cooperating as this is a requirement. They want people who are confident and always cooperating, even if you didn’t post the edited pictures.

(To prevent bullying to the victim) You could be in trouble depending on how the picture they have taken of you represented. Be sure to check with an adult if this situation happens, this is common, but can be controlled. If you think privacy is not a big deal, think about the consequences, anything can happen.

(To avoid conflict) Even if you didn’t film someone or if YOU’RE the victim, you can avoid any problems you didn’t commit.

And finally (To stay safe online and everywhere) everybody in the world is not nice, so make some good and kind friends who trust you to become yourself and most importantly, to straighten your charisma and your social life.

This isn’t a PSA about not using electronics, but teenagers should be very careful not to mislead technology as a way to ruin other people’s lives. There’s not much to go on other more facts about recording other people but it’s a major problem adults have to face through. 15% of people who we’re filmed by another person committed suicide due to excessive amount of bullying and harassment the people gone through by their bad luck. One person was filmed when he was sleeping in class and he was drooling while not noticing hoods drool. One student filmed him sleeping on his desk for five minutes until he woke up, checked his phone for new messages and one message had the video one of his friends had sent him, of course it was him, drooling and sleeping and during the video, one person approached him and drew inappropriate drawings on his face and laughter filled the room. The video ends, then later in the day he met a group of 12 people gathering around him and calling him a name I cannot type here, he was beaten up and sprang home which was his last place to visit. A true story, later on the student who filmed the suicidal kid never cared about the kid, and the school he went to, suspended everyone’s phone. Which no one followed this rule. I believe no one should film other people for entertainment because it puts yourself and the victim at risk and can suffer the consequences, adults should be aware of what their own kids are up to and what are they dealing with as ignoring this can lead to another victim, then another, then another, and so on

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