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How to draw a partridge in a pear tree

How to draw a partridge in a pear tree

How to seal a pendant colored with melted crayon shavings

How can I make a bracelet out of DMC floss?


The topic that this article is going to focus on is about a bird which is not so famous but means a lot when people come across occasions like Christmas. Many must not have heard about this bird and those who have heard it might recollect it from the phrase, “Partridge in a Pear tree.” Let’s now get to know more about this bird and the meaning behind the phrase. In short, let’s draw a partridge to our attention which is generally referred in context with a pear tree.

A partridge is basically a bird belonging to the pheasant family also called as Phasianidae. They are non-migratory, medium-sized birds which are native to Europe, Africa and Asia. They are ground-nesting birds which are involved mainly in the seed-eating livelihood. These details must have given the readers enough information about a brief outlook of a partridge. But these details matter more to a biologist rather than general readers. The specialty of this bird is that, it has a unique relationship with the pear tree. Christians must be probably aware of the phrase, i.e. ‘to draw a partridge to a pear tree’, because the event takes place in Christmas.

Partridge in a pear tree is actually a stocking kit from Bucilla which features a beautiful partridge nestled in a tree. To draw a partridge in a pear tree implies decorating the Christmas tree with a stocking which contains a partridge in a pear tree surrounded by glittering golden pears. To draw such a thing on a Christmas tree pleases Santa Claus and the tree glitters even more. The things need to create a partridge in a pear tree are sequins, beads, needles, cotton floss, metallic threads, stamped felts and glitter for shining. The stocking should be approximately 18″ long diagonally and must display a partridge bird on a tree with pears around it. This is the way in which the stocking is created.

There are several interpretations about the ‘partridge in a pear tree’ phrase. One implication is that, it is a Christmas song which depicts the love between two persons by offering the partridge in a pear tree gift to each other. Another story behind this topic is known world wide. Partridge has been named from the Greek word, ‘Perdix’ which was once the name of a Greek king. This king was once cast from a tower into the ocean by his enemy and he emerged as a bird from there and was carried to heaven by Goddess Athena. Thus, Athena represents the pear tree which was responsible for carrying the bird Perdix which is called partridge, to heaven. Thus sometimes, the bird, partridge was also referred as a symbol of Jesus Christ and thus the Christmas carol containing the phrase was formed. These two instances clearly tell us how Christians believe in the partridge in the pear tree and wait to draw a partridge each Christmas.

Thus, the readers must have gained a spectacular piece of mythological history which is followed throughout the world each Christmas, when people around the world get ready to draw a partridge in the pear tree. It also takes us to a bright moral that, occasions like these get focused only when they are followed regularly.


Art and Craft form the major part of the creation industry. This industry is mainly based on the skills of the artists to imagine, design and create. While in school days everyone is taught a bit of art and craft, some like it, some don’t. The days are greatly remembered when the tracing paper was used as the means of creating an exact copy of the image mechanically before printers came into existence. Transfer papers are also of the same kind as tracing papers and also have the same purpose. Many creative things can be done using this transfer paper such as, printing on t-shirts, designs on pots and many more. But the purpose that surprises many is the use of transfer paper for embroidery.

The task seems new as the traditional method of doing embroidery on cloth articles was with a needle and many colorful threads. Earlier the design to be made was sketched with a pencil roughly onto the cloth and then the thread was used to give it an outline. Now-a-days, the free-hand sketching has been made more perfect by the use of transfer paper. The best quality transfer paper gives astonishing results and gives the impression of a perfect design. The process of using transfer paper for embroidery can be explained briefly as follows. Inkjet or any other printer is first used to print the image on the transfer paper. This image can then be transferred onto the clothing by a heat press. This process is also called as an iron-on. The image once transferred can be embedded in the cloth by the use of embroidery.

There are several types and brands of transfer papers available in the market. These can be named as, heat transfer paper, inkjet transfer paper, sublimation transfer paper, color laser transfer paper etc. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. The most expensive one is the color laser transfer paper. It seems the names of the transfer papers belong to the names of the printers they are used with. Inkjet transfer paper comes in two varieties, for light colored fabric and for dark colored fabric. The fabrics which are going to be used for printing need to be of good quality to increase the life of the print on it. Use of transfer paper for embroidery is an exciting option for creating and printing various designs on the fabric using the various transfer papers.

This is a new fashion of clothing which is growing at a rapid pace in the fashion industry. This act of using transfer paper for embroidery on the clothes prompts the designers to try the process at home or open centers for such printing works. The embroidery which seemed boring for so many years will finally be retrieved in a new form and the clothes wore will have the designs made by the person wearing it. The important suggestion is to select the proper and the best type of printing and embroidery technique and last but not the least the best brand and quality of transfer paper for attractive printing.


Jewellery is that part of beautification which includes various forms of designs and gems embedded with it. This has various forms ranging from the most expensive one to the most simple but beautiful ones. A ring looks incomplete without a gem; similarly a necklace seems incomplete without a pendant. Pendant is that part of the necklace which gives it a meaning and an extra bit of enhancement to the necklace. Pendant can exist in various forms, but the most discussed one lately is the one with melted crayon shavings. The reason for this can be known shortly.

A pendant is that part of a necklace that is always hanging from it and gives it an identity. It can exist in various shapes, the most preferred of which is the heart shape. A pendant can be made of gold, silver, titanium etc., but the most simple and home made pendant is the one with melted crayon shavings. The process of giving a final polish or impact to the pendant is called as sealing. Sealing means the same as a piece of stamped wax which ensures strength for the material on which it is applied. Crayons are most popularly used for coloring, but they have a disadvantage of their disposal, because once the sharp point is gone, it is of no further use unless someone sharpens it. These crayons can then be converted into shavings and melted together to give it a different shape and color and used for various purposes.

The following are the steps for sealing a pendant colored with melted crayon shavings

  1. Take the crayons available and cut them in the form of shavings in the way a tree is cut slice by slice. Make the slices as finer as possible to melt them quickly.
  2. After the shavings are ready, melt them by placing them on a tough paper and either placing them in an oven or doing it by an iron.
  3. The melted shavings are now ready for applying on the pendant to be sealed.
  4. Apply the crayon shavings onto the pendant.
  5. Make the colored pendant cool by keeping it at normal temperature.
  6. Use a metal rod or a log of wood and seal the pendant with a wax coating so that it gets a shiny look onto it.
  7. The pendant is now sealed and can be put into a necklace for use.

The precaution to be taken here is while melting and sealing. It is suggested that these tasks are done by an adult and done carefully to avoid injuries.

The above method of pendant making gives the pendant a simple look but a durable one. Also, it is a ‘best from waste’ effort as the crayons suggested for use are the broken or spoilt ones. This task has given a great idea of recycling and recreation for generations to learn. The act of making such melted crayon shavings and using them for sealing a pendant will soon become a profession in the near future.


Decoration is an activity which everyone loves to do, then it does not matter whether it is a house or an office or any other thing. The simplest way of decoration that humans use to look different and enhance their outer beauty is jewellery. Though women have more jewellery to look rich and beautiful, men don’t have that much stuff in number. But both share some common jewellery types which include chains, rings and bracelets. Bracelets can be made from various materials. It is unbelievable that a bracelet does not compulsorily need metals for its creation. It can be made even with rubber or fiber or floss. Thus, to make a bracelet from DMC floss is what interests many for its discussion.

Floss in generic form refers to an embroidery thread which is a rough silk obtained from a silkworm’s cocoon. DMC is a manufacturing unit which manufactures and supplies various kinds of floss to different locations. Thus, to make a bracelet from such a DMC floss is not very tough if proper precautions are taken. The process can be explained as a sequence of steps which are as follows.

  1. Bracelets generally are of the wrist size and the thickness can be defined by the amount of floss to be used. So cut 18 – 25 inches of DMC floss and make the ends line up evenly.
  2. Hold the ends together and tie a knot which has a 1 inch tail.
  3. Separate the 3 strands and form the number ‘4’ over the adjacent strand.
  4. Then just follow the motion used while stitching clothes and make circular rounds about it.
  5. Continue this motion till the bracelet attains the desired size.
  6. Also the length can be increased as needed.

The steps mentioned above give a brief idea about the creation of the bracelet. Many users will have other ideas of the material used for more decoration like beads or pearls and hence, they can go ahead with their own creations.

The only care that is to be taken while designing this bracelet is the precision and the sensitivity factor. This is because, you cannot make a bracelet in a hurry, as it can lead to loosening of the floss and will reduce its life. The bracelet also needs to be tight enough to stay tight on the wrist and not fall off. The act of making the bracelet can be done quickly only by a professional. Beginners will take approximately 1 hour to complete this task, and they need to have patience for this.

DMC floss is a tough thread and will not easily break off. A blade or a scissor is needed to cut it off and hence it is strong enough to last for a longer duration as compared to other threads. A bracelet is a symbol of friendship as bands are used on friendship’s day. The best idea is to make a bracelet out of such floss and present it to your friend or your loved one as a symbol of love and gratefulness.

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