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Javi Varas Football Analysis

Football Analysis

  1. Name of the player: Javi Varas
  2. Name of the activity: Football
  3. Position of the player: Goal Keeper

Identify the essential skills/techniques needed for a participant in his position and the part of tactics:

Football is one of the most famous sports all over the world. There are many positions in a football team which are: defenders, goalkeepers, midfielders and attackers. As for goalkeepers, they have to catch the ball well, dribble and pass the ball to other players. They also must jump and dive for the ball. In order to be a good goalkeeper, you must have balance, hand-eye coordination, strength and a strong mental focus.

Here are the main skills of Javi Varas:

  1. Protection of the goal: Varaz is the last line of defense to prevent the other team from scoring. He can punch the ball, catch the ball or kick the ball back into play. The only player who can use his hands within the goal box is Varaz. His advanced teams place him well out of the goal when the offense of the team is on attack to provide an advantage in numbers compared to the opposing team.
  2. Coordination of the defense: Varaz is considered the eye and ear on the field and may often see things the coaches do not. He communicates with the defensive players and midfielders to place them in correct position and gives them instructions to change formation to prevent the oncoming attack of the other team. He also coordinates the defense during free kicks, corner kicks and goal kicks. More advanced players will understand and respect his role and follow his directions.
  3. Distribution of the ball: Varaz has an excellent view of the field of play and can change the field of play from one side to another. As an example, the ball can come to him from the right side of the field and he can kick it to the left side of the field. Changing the ball quickly from one side to another is important to move the ball past the opponent’s defense. He can also place the ball directly to the midfield with a drop kick so that the team is quickly prepared to attacking the other goal. His team uses him as a goalkeeper to distribute the ball to players ultimately dominate play and have more shots on goal.

Explain in details the strengths and weaknesses of the player:

The strength of the player:

  1. Speed: Varaz must be quick. He needs quick feet, quick hands, and a quick mind. That’s why he is able to get from a standing position to a laying position in less than a second. And back up again just as fast. He is able to block a speeding shot, and then another, then another, before the other players blink. He is able to redirect his entire body in a moment. Quickness is essential.
  2. Harshness: Varaz must be harsh. Falling to the ground, diving from side to side, sliding, colliding, and slamming into aggressive opponents are all a normal part of a game. That’s why he has to hit the ground more times throughout a match than any other player. And collisions with breakaway offenders hit the hardest.
  3. Jumping: All goalkeepers must be good jumpers. Varaz is able to cover the length of the goal in one dive, elevate his head above the crossbar, and rise up above the heads of all opponents. He also jumps during almost every save, especially when catching or clearing a corner kick. That’s why he must be strong.
  4. Determination: Varaz has long arms, large hands, a slender torso, and powerful legs, and he must be determined. Because he is determined, he never lets a ball hit the net. He is also determined as he never to hang his head. In addition, Varaz is determined as he must not be afraid. Finally, he is determined to always make the save and not to give up.


From the main weaknesses of Varaz are:

  1. Deflection: when Varaz makes a great save, he deflects the ball towards an oncoming player, giving the other team another chance to score. In other words, when Varaz catches the ball, he changes its direction causing the opponents from the other team to score.
  2. Slow reaction: the reaction of Varaz to low balls is slow, meaning that he will save shots that have a lift, but is less likely to save shots on the ground. In other words, Varaz is able to catch the ball if it is high. However, he loses the ball when it is thrown into him on a low level.
  3. Being short: For a keeper, he is very short. This means that he relies on his reaction time a lot, which is average, so his height certainly restricts him. In other words, sometimes the ball can be very high and that’s why Varaz is not able to catch it leading to its entrance in the goal and the scoring of the opponent team.

Therefore, Varaz must be provided with the right training in order to improve his performance and become a better goalkeeper.

How to improve his strength:

In order to be able to develop his strength, Varaz has to:

  1. Focus: Varaz must be focused during the game even if the ball is far away from him 18 yard box. Many goalkeepers start to focus when the ball is near the 18 yard box which is a bad routine.
  2. Watch the ball carefully: Varaz must not look for his opponents. Instead, he must look for the ball. His main mission as a goalkeeper is to save shoots from his opponents. However, he should also keep in mind that he will need to leave your 18 yard box sometimes to clear the ball. This will generally be a must at least once per game. He must therefore be prepared on this one and he cannot hold back. Instead he needs to fulfill the run with determination.
  3. Be quick: Varaz must not stay on the line and wait for his opponent. What he should do is to run at his opponent and stretch his body to make himself big. By doing this, his opponent will need to react faster which will lead to mistakes from their side. They will need to make quicker decisions which will lead to more mistakes.
  4. Have confidence: Varaz must have confidence in himself. This one is one of the most important things for a goalkeeper and without that his performance will not be any good. He must encourage himself and doesn’t let a mistake discourage him. Instead, he has to analyze what he has done wrong and try not to repeat the same mistake in the next game. Finally, he must keep in mind that he can’t play soccer without making mistakes. The mistakes are a part of the game.

Improve of weaknesses:

In order for Varaz to improve his weaknesses, he has to:

  1. Learn how to warm up well: that depends on the knee in the first place and then the rest of the body.
  2. Learn how not to be afraid of the ball: Varaz must throw himself on the floor to catch the ball before the players puts his foot on it.
  3. Learn how to jump: Varaz has to leap towards the ball with a distance of at least one meter in order to hold it perfectly.
  4. Look at the ball itself and not the player: he must focus on the ball and not on the attacker who kicks the ball.
  5. Practice jumping: north and south to catch the ball and that by depending on one of the foot and not on both of them so that he could jump for a long distance.
  6. Learn how to stretch the body: especially during high balls or corner balls. He also has to do whatever it takes to catch the ball before any opponent does.
  7. Put his foot behind him: in case the ball is low and strong as his foot helps him to block the ball from entering into the goal net.
  8. Be bold: while attracting the attention of his team in order not to do any mistakes. He also must know that he is the best one to catch balls of fouls. He also must organize the line of defenders consisted of his team and he is the one who gives the orders to the players to be ready for any kind of a ball.

By following these instructions, Varaz would be able to improve both his strengths and weaknesses as well as improving the performance of his whole team.

Factors affecting performance:

There are many factors that could affect the performance of Varaz. These elements are:

Physiological: Because Varaz is short, this could affect his performance as a goalkeeper. In other words, Varaz can’t be able to catch balls especially if they are high. In addition, he can be blocked easily while he is trying to catch the ball. In addition, Varaz doesn’t have a strong body or strong muscles and this could be an obstacle while he is trying to block his opponents from kicking the ball. Besides, he still doesn’t have the required experience in order to be an amazing goalkeeper like the famous goalies.

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Psychological: The psychological element can be identified in the idea that Varaz has a self-confidence issue. In other words, he begins to feel intimidated by the opponents and this could lead to his disability to do his job well. He also becomes depressed quickly. That’s why when he fails to block a certain ball, he believes that his team is going to lose the match and that he will continue his failure till the end of the match. Finally, he gets nervous very quickly and that’s why his reactions could cause him problems with other players of his team or with the opponents.

Social factors: one of the best traits in the personality of Varaz and that affect his performance as a goalkeeper is; when he becomes motivated and enthusiastic to play well, he transfers this enthusiasm and cheerfulness to the players in his team. This leads to pushing the players to do their best in order to score and leads to pushing Varaz himself to do whatever it takes to prevent the other team from scoring. However, when Varaz gets unmotivated, he also transfers this negative energy to his players and causes them depression which could lead to their bad performance while playing the game.

Training program:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1-3 weeks Quickness Jumping
4-7 weeks Quickness Jumping Quickness
8-13 weeks Quickness Quickness Jumping Jumping

This table has been created following the SPORT principles:

  1. Specificity:

This table was created to improve the skills of Varaz related to jumping and quickness. That’s why he must improve his performance in order to catch the ball quickly and focus on the ball itself instead of focusing on the player who kicks the ball. This training also will help Varaz to jump high in order to prevent the problems that leads to his disability to catch high balls.

  1. Progression:

We started the first four weeks with quickness and jumping training and activities on Thursday and Friday. In addition, during the last five weeks, there will be four sessions that include two quickness activities and two jumping activities. This means that we are moving forward to increase the number of sessions one by one to cause regular improvement.

  1. Overload:

Week after week, the number of sessions will be increased. This will cause load on Varaz but he must do these trainings and activities to be able to become one of the best goalkeepers all over the world. The time of each session will be raised by 15 minutes.

  1. Reversibility:

Varaz doesn’t suffer from any kind of injury or broken arms or foot. However, if he starts to feel pain in any organ, the training will be stopped till he becomes better. This is because; if we push him to do more than he can, he will be very depressed quickly and this could lead to the lack of his skills instead of improving them.

  1. Tedium:

In order not to make Varaz feel demotivated or depressed, we will offer him times of breaks and provide him with snacks as well as means of entertainment. This will help him to feel better and not to be tired a lot. For example, we will offer him television so that he could watch it or a free time in which he can do any activity he likes.

This table has been created following the FITT principle:

  1. Frequency: Varaz will have two sessions on the first three weeks: one for jumping and one for quickness. During the second period, the sessions will be increased to reach three sessions: two quickness trainings and one jumping. Finally, the sessions will reach four and will involve: two jumping trainings and two quickness activities.
  2. Intensity: In order for Varaz to improve his performance, he has to put his one hundred percent skills in the jumping training since he is short and half of his power in the quickness training.
  3. Time: the sessions during the first period were about thirty minutes. Later, we started to increase the timing of sessions by fifteen minutes so that the whole time of each session will be 45 minutes.
  4. Type: jumping so that he can catch high balls and quickness to catch the balls quickly and prevent the other team from scoring.


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