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Should Guns be Permitted in Colleges?

should not be permitted because there are people with anger issues, violence , kills caused by alcohol, and committing suicide from depression/stress.

Anger issues is one of many examples of why guns should not be permitted on college campuses. Having such an issue is already dangerous because people tend to take that anger out with yelling or fighting. People with that problem tend to snap quickly with just the wrong use of words. So there’s no way of telling what might go through a persons mind having a gun on him. Would they take it out with shooting someone for a miss understanding? For example there’s a class going on and everyone except one of the students is working, and the teacher tells one of the students to turn his phone in to her because he was on it instead of working. The teacher ask several times but the students decide to keep refusing to hand it to her. When the teacher decides to walk over and ask one last time he can easily take that as a threat because the teacher is in his personal space. When that goes on he decides to pull out his gun and shoots the teacher because of a problem so small. Not only is the teacher dead but the other people in the class are in danger as well. To prevent this from happening the option of weapons allowed shouldn’t be allowed to the students.

Another reason guns shouldn’t be permitted is because of the use of alcohol. When being consumed with too much alcohol you don’t think straight, which may cause you to make a bad decision, at the wrong time. There are many parties in colleges where students are introduced to huge amounts  of alcohol.  For example one of the most popular students on campus throws a huge party in one of the dorms where there is a lot of acholic beverages. After a couple of hours when everyone is drunk a guy gets a drink spilt on him. His reaction to the situation is going to be a lot different because of the fact that he is under the use of a high amount of alcohol. So when the drink is spilt on him he gets extremely mad so without thinking twice he pulls out a gun and shoots the person that spilt the drink on him. After this happens he starts freaking out because he realizes what he did so he gets scared and starts shooting all the witnesses there. From him carrying that gun caused him to put everyone’s life at risk and because of him being highly influenced by the alcohol at the party. There’s already enough dangerous situations because of drunk driving at the campuses no need to put more dangerous situations.

Another dangerous situation that can be caused is if there are people with violent behavior. Violent behavior can be defined as the use of physical force with the intent of physical force. An example would be if there was a class going on and one of the students in there is one of the violent students that don’t like being told what to do. The teacher is giving the class because he was being loud and all the students were paying attention to him instead of the teacher. When the teacher decides to get on to him he tells him that no one tells him what to do that he doesn’t care who it is and who ever disrespects him like that will pay the price. The teacher reply’s by saying that is his class and he talks to anyone however he wants. The arguing continues until the student finally gets tired of him he decides to reach in his bag and shoot the teacher. He just killed someone in front of a whole bunch of witnesses. So now he could either put his gun down and surrender or turn even more violent because there are witnesses around. Another option he could do is keep them hostages and keep them there until the authorities meet his commands. Everyone’s lives are at risk now because the opportunity was given to him to bring a lethal weapon.

One of the biggest and most dangerous situations come from  depression and  stress. Most of the schools shootings that happened the year of 2015 were because of depression.

There are plenty amount of shooting cases happen because of the amount of bulling going on in the schools from elementary schools to colleges. A great example is if there’s a student being bullied throughout the whole school year just because he has no friends and always tries to fit in with the rest of the kids. He gets bullied because the way he dresses and because his parents aren’t financially  stable. He’s been holding all that anger of getting bullied ever since he was little because he knows in a fist fight he wont win against the other guys. In college he gets messed with too but even though it isn’t as bad as it was in high school the other students still play pranks on him. Ever since the bullying started he would write down the names of the kids bulling just so he could remember who they were and the pain and embarrassment the would make him go through. One day in the middle of the year of his sophomore year of college he just had enough he was going through depression because he had no friends and he was going through a lot of stress because he was trying to keep his grades up but the other students would throw paper balls at him or just  laugh at his clothes they’d do anything to keep him from learning. The day he had enough though he started planning on what he was going to do to stop the problem. He would go to pawn shops and buy guns to help him go forward with his plan and since the college had permitted the students to carry concealed weapons,  he would have no problem getting in the college with the gun.

After he buys his ammunition and guns now he just waits for the day of the plan to come and to finally get his revenge on all the students that made him go through depression and that would bully him into lots of stress. Next thing you know the day of the plan comes and he prepares everything he puts the small guns in his pockets and the bigger ones in his back pack. He pulls up to the college and goes to class like if it was any other regular day of school and as the class starts the students that always mess with him start throwing paper balls and spit balls at him. He gets up and turns to look at the group of guys. He reaches in his pocket and pulls the first weapon out and starts shooting one by one the students go down dead. Then he starts walking around the campus looking for the rest of the students on the list. After he’s finished killing as many of the students as he can, he may commit suicide because he doesn’t want to accept the consequences and he’s juts tired of being bullied and stressed and just believes that it’s the only way out. The option of weapons allowed in  colleges shouldn’t even be in mind. There are a lot of cases where there are people killed because of fire arm accidents and why put peoples lives even more at risk when there’s no need to.

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