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The Danger of Texting and Driving

people are not aware of. Keep that phone out of sight when driving, or turn it off so it won’t be a distraction. Let’s say your friend is driving and she constantly receives text messages, of course she’s going to want to look at her phone and text back to whoever but she doesn’t realize the minute she looked down to her phone she passed a red light and gets hit by a truck. All because her phone kept vibrating and she couldn’t wait till she got home. “Attempting to read or write text messages while operating a motor vehicle is extremely dangerous for everyone on the road. Texting while driving involves a person taking his or her eyes off the road and momentarily ignoring the task of controlling the vehicle. Allowing this to happen even for a few seconds can be disastrous.” It all makes sense because we shouldn’t have to text and drive and it’s always going to be a very risky thing to do. Always try to be safe on the road and for the others safety.

More than one hundred texts a day is ridiculous, how can teenagers spend so much time on there phone and not get bored? well, from the research that has been made many teenagers don’t even pay attention in school because there phone is a distraction tool. Many of them just go home and stay on there phone and be on social media doing whatever they do best. But, what people don’t realize is what they say/do behind their phone screen? Most of the time teens are just texting about regular things that go on in life but that’s not always. Texting can go in many directions. Such as cyber bullying, teens tend to do that a lot in example twitter, that’s a big one. He/she can get a direct message or a public tweet and it can be harrassing but the person that is provoking it continues with the tweets and it’s getting out of hand. Nobody is trying to stop him/her and it’s making the victim very upset. With those many tweets/direct messages something bad can happen. So please stop the cyberbullying on whatever social media. Because nobody would ever want that happening to them so it is not okay to do it to other people to make yourself feel better. “Make sure your teen understands that it isn’t acceptable to spread rumors or bully someone through texting or any other means. Remind your teen that any text message he or she sends can be saved or forwarded to anyone else, so it’s important to use good judgment with every message.” It’s explaining how cyberbullying is not okay in many ways. As in, sending a lot of harassing or rumors about the person on either social media or through phone number. It is never okay to say hurtful things about the person and continue on spreading it around or even texting others about it constantly. So stop the continuous messaging about them and be yourself and let it go, don’t draw yourself in to dram that isn’t necessary.

So, how can your teen know how many text messages are too many? Just by overdoing it makes him/her look bad. And this is how you can get super annoyed with a lot of messages just popping up on your phone. Two people are in a relationship but they are really mad at each other and there speaking terms aren’t so understanding to one another so the girl is being very over dramatic and keep sending ten messages at a time before the guy can even answer to one of the texts. But, what the girl doesn’t know is that he is trying to help his mother with cleaning but with the girl sending so many text messages he isn’t able to do what he is being told by his mom, so he’s having to stop what he is doing to answer back to his girlfriend before she gets even more mad. And the guy is trying to explain that he can’t text at the moment but the girl doesn’t believe him and he gets super mad and says that he is done with her. And now the girl wishes she never over texted him every five minutes and she just destroyed her own relationship. “For many teens, texting is an essential way to communicate. A lack of maturity can get your teen into trouble when texting, though. Help your teen understand – and avoid – the risks associated with texting.” As if over texting was the only thing that is ruining everything, because it practically is. Just try to talk it out in person and not be so crazy about sending so many text messages because it can ruin something you don’t want it to ruin in many cases not just a relationship.

Don’t let texting interfere with your sleep. You’re always going to need sleep no matter what and texting shouldnt be the reason to stay up. Although many teens might want to stay up to text with their friends they are losing their sleep and it causes them to start falling asleep at school when they need to be awake or they start being super lazy when they don’t have enough sleep. So as a teenager he/she will always have there phone at night to text with friends and what not, but it’s a school night and they have a game the following day and they aren’t rested enough. So how is he/she going to have a great performance at their game and how are they going to make it at school not having enough sleep? Well, the answer is they are not going to do well that day because lack of sleep & constantly texting at night isn’t going to help the teen get better the next day, it’s just going to make it harder for them to focus and play. Sleep is very important, always stay energized. “Some research also suggests that screen time before bedtime interferes with sleep. As a result, teens can experience lost sleep, difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep quality and daytime sleepiness.” People should love to sleep, do not waste time to sleep to stay up with friends texting or playing video games. Sleeping is very important and it’s so unhealthy not getting at least eight hours of sleep, so turn off the phone and go to bed early to get a good night rest.

Teens shouldn’t be texting their friends, family more than twice because you don’t know what situation they are in, so be patient and relax. Therefore, more than three text messages is way too many just let the person answer back and you would be good to go.

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