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Voting Rights of Prisoners

like saying them boys across the street said a bad word in public and now they can’t talk no more. This is how felons feel about getting their voting rights taking away from them.

Saying bad words isn’t all that bad depending on what word or words him or her would say. Getting him or hers first amendment right taken away is completely uncalled for.

Now putting him or her in detention or some kind of punishment for saying a bad word is completely understandable.

Using foul language isn’t that bad depending on what you’r using it for and how you’r using it.

For instince say a man was cursing at his truck because it wouldn’t start and a police officer over heard him and he got his 1st Amendment right taken away just because of that and he got put in jail because of that and he did his jail time and served what he had to serve for what he did and he never got his rights restored back to him.

“Restoring the rights of individuals who have served their time and re-entered society is the right thing to do” (“Virginia governor restoring felons”).

The situation with the man and his truck is very realatabel to the quote because the man served his times and did everything he had to do and he never got his rights back and the right thing to do is to give it back to him since he served his time.

Restoring voting rights lessens ex-prisoners’ stigma and helps them rejoin their communities and reducing the risk of recidivism”(“Restore voting rights for felons who’ve done their time.” )

Restoring a ex-convicts voting rights helps them rejoin their communties and not feel like a outsider or a criminal no more.

Doing him or hers time for for the crime that they did and getting their voting rights taken away from them is not understandable because they did their time that they had to do so they could get their voting rights back.

A 20 year old man was racing his car and he got caught by the cops and he got a ticket for racing and he had to do comuntiy service for a month also and he could not drive his car for one month.

After he got done with community service for one month he asked if he could get his car back from the law and the law said no even though he served his time for what he did.

“In Alabama, Felons Face Difficult Road To Regaining Voting Rights.” (For millions of Americans, being convicted of a crime means they can no longer vote. )

The 20 year old man was convicted of a crime and if he is he can no longer

” Should ex-convicts have the right to vote? Maryland now says yes.”(“When you can’t vote, you don’t have a seat at the table,” he said. “Obviously, they’ve made mistakes, but these are our family members, our friends, our neighbors. These folks pay taxes”)

When the man wants to vote but he can not because of what happened he is going to probably be angry.

Even when the man did his community service he was still not allowed to get his car back or vote.

Getting your voting rights taken up is bad even when you are really political and when you want to choose who is going to be your leader of your country.

When a man or a women is very political they can get into real detail about everything. Even when it comes to rights they can get all into it.

“Should ex-convicts have the right to vote? Maryland now says yes?”(“You can’t leave 40,000 people out of the conversation on subject matters that directly and indirectly impact them.”)

Leaving all your community out that has done bad things is bad because it can impact them bad by them looking at everyone and them not being there and making the ones that had their voting rights taken up feeling like outsiders.

“Should ex- convicts have the right to vote? Maryland now says yes”(“When you can’t vote, you don’t have a seat at the table,”)

Everyone needs their right to vote so they can vote for who they want to vote for.

Everyone needs their voting rights in the country they live in so hey can vote who their leadear will be espically if you done what time you served and how did it.

Your voting rights are yours and they will remain yours. But if your ex-convict and you served your time you should get your voting rights back because you served what you have done.

Therefore the ex-convicts should get there voting rights back because they have served their time for what they did.


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